What is typed here is just words, not actions  

drspikehorndog 49M
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7/29/2006 12:48 am

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7/30/2006 12:27 am

What is typed here is just words, not actions

I am no where near what my name suggests. I love to frequent chat rooms, and realize that I have been behaving just like all the other men. It is a darn shame, since I am no where like them. I have come to realize that women turn to other women, because they are just frustrated with men only wanting them for sex. Now sex is great and all, but sex needs to be wanted, not demanded. For us men,it is soooo easy to get aroused. Heck, we see a pair of naked boobs and we are horny. For women it is so much more complicated. Women are made to be both sensually and emotionally aroused. That is why they can bear children and men can't. Women were given the gift of nuturing and tenderness to care for children. Men have a very hard time understanding this because our hormones race out of control and we don't know how to stop them without releasing some sexual tension. And women understand this, but they also don't want to be put into a situation where they will regret sleeping with some man. Women turn to women not for sexual pleasure, but for emotional attachment; something men most of the time fail to give them. Men seem to think that all women are bi-sexual. That is not true. It is just that they are understood more by a person of the same sex who has the same emotionals they do, rather than a raging hormone that only wants self-fulfillment. So ladies; I offer my apologizes for my failure to see the light, and I only hope that I can mature enough to always understand you and respect you as a woman.

__poet__ 45M
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7/29/2006 10:13 am

you make such generalizations here...

there are men (women) who need to be both sensually and emotionally aroused...

there are women (men) who get turned on very easily...

I'm not here to cause trouble. I like to read. Your title here made me thin of other things..

that is all it is here...words, not actions...You say what you want. You believe what you want...but nothing becomes real unless there is action on BOTH parts...

Hope you don't mind...

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