The Start Of Somthing Big ENJOY  

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10/8/2005 8:29 am

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The Start Of Somthing Big ENJOY

I sit here and smile thinking of how my life has had so many ups and downs over my 33 soon to be 34 years. And why have I chosen to write a blog. Well let’s see

1) There is little if no one that knows of me as a full and I so want to get it out.


2) I was introduced to the blogger world by the women I am having an affair with (this will be a good place to start)

I will refer to her as “FS” our pet name for each other being fabulous slut.

When we started the affair about six months ago “FS” started her blog she did ask if I minded her using me in her blog. Of course I said no problem. I watched her site become so popular so rapidly where it reached over 4500 people in months and this blog was so much about our affair I was amazed at how many people were doing the same thing out there and the support from others that she and yes I got. I also became one of theses readers that were stuck on what was to come…. and it was about me …LOL.

Reading the comments left by others was an addiction to me and still is  posts were done on a daily basis and our affair as with my marriage has had its ups and downs. The deferent’s is the whole world is reading and this is a huge turn-on

What has changed you ask well…… will love this……….

Her husband found her blog….. heart was ready to explode…
Yes her husband her blog 2 days ago she went into damage control and within seconds had the computer off him. The thing that gave it away was when he opened her blog the first thing he saw was a picture of her arse that he had taken the day before. “FS” had decided to use it for Half Naked Thursday “HNT” (timing was so bad, but not as bad as if he had found the pic of “FS” giving me head - Thank the blog god for archives)
Lies were thrown to take him of the track which took some time to convince him that she was not up to anything and with the help from friends she had made in the blog world all seems to be good for now. But due to this stress she deleted her blog from the blog world which is sad but the risk was too great for her and me. But I am pleased as she has already opened another today gotta love her for keeping her fans happy. Followers have already found her new one (god they are quick) and fun in an anonyms world can now be view for all once again. So you ask why you have started your own well I wanted to give my side of the story to see the comments from others and see how I am accepted in this blog world to bring you on my journey of discovery with life, love and sexxx. ENJOY

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