sex vs making love  

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3/18/2006 2:00 pm

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sex vs making love

all my adult life ive wondered what's the difference in making love and having sex. recently i was introduced to the difference. i was with a man who cherished my body. he made me feel sexy. i knew during the time i was with him, there was nothing else or no one else in the room. just us. just a desire to explore a natural attraction. it was great. as ive thought about it, i can only say ive experienced this one or two times before.

this also leads to the understanding, you can make love with someone you're not in love with. in addition, sex is no longer acceptable. a connection on some level must be achieved or it's worthless. ive been struggling lately with why i have not been enjoying my encounters and now i know. a hard dick is easy to find. a hard dick attached to someone you can talk to and enjoy regardless is not.

it is entirely possible i will not have this experience again. im ok with that. im not going batty wondering if this person will call again. i freely gave myself to him knowing it would only be that one time.

thank you my friend. i understand so much more now

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