third times the charm  

drq73 43M
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4/19/2006 7:53 pm
third times the charm

Well here I am on my third blog and I guess I'm going strong lol still havn't had any luck yet here but I'm going to keep tring and hope that some of those hot sexy ladies out there are going to get ahold of me. Anyways I'm not very good at letting people knopw whats new when there isn't anything neww lol. I can tell you all however that I have just recentally tried Absinthe and I must say that it fucking rock. The drunk was more like a high and I totally fuck like an animal hehehehe. The best part was that there was no hangover for any of us. Well we are planning another party with the stuff for late in June and after it happens I'll let you all know how that went wink wink.

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