Ode to the tease  

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7/14/2006 7:36 pm

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1/24/2007 4:40 pm

Ode to the tease

I loved hearing about about how you would tease me over coffee, and it got me thinking about much fun it would be to jump on a crowded subway with you afterwards. With all of those people around, it would be so easy to slide my hand under your skirt as I stood behind you. I could squeeze your tight ass as you press it against my hips. I would slowly work my fingers between your legs, gently rubbing your pussy through your soaking wet panties. I can feel your body tremble, not knowing whether to worry more about being able to spread your legs enough to enjoy this without someone noticing, or if you will have enough time to come before you have to get off.

You would have to close your eyes and bite your lip as I push two fingers under your panties, finding the tight space in between the perfect lips of your pussy. You would reach back with one of your hands, finding the inside of my thigh, and work your way up until you could feel how much I was enjoying this. Standing behind you, I look down into your blouse and notice your nipples tightening.

I would start working my fingers up and back to your ass, and then back down again, like a nice fat cock teasing you from behind, opening up your pussy a bit with the tip, and then pulling it away before you have the chance to enjoy it. You know that I'm going to fuck you hard with it, and I can tell my the grip you have on my hard cock through my pants that you want every inch of it now.

I can't tell you how this story ends, because this is where we are right now. I'm teasing you from behind, and you have a solid grip on my hard cock. We both know what we want, but need to find the time and place to take it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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