Best pick-up locations  

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6/9/2006 11:12 am
Best pick-up locations

Dog parks Dogs are fueling a growing social network, and that has turned these urban green spaces into the nightclubs of the new millennium. Just walk by any one of these things after work or on a sunny Saturday afternoon and you’ll see just how popular they are. And thanks to Paris Hilton, tiny, ridiculously spoiled lapdogs have become common accessories for most girls. These trendy metropolitan women are usually fashionable and hot, and dog parks are literally crawling with them.
Don’t have a dog? Your local SPCA has lots of dogs. Even if you don’t want to adopt one, they are more than happy to let you take one for a walk.

Yoga It is a great coincidence how many of the locales that appear on this list are also great vehicles to living a better life. Take yoga: It is a phenomenal way to stay in shape, and is also super-popular with a dizzying number of unbelievably hot women. We’re not just talking about flower-power hippies either. It attracts all sorts of girls, many of whom are hot, fit and flexible It’s a real win/win: You get to stretch and firm up your muscles and, at the same time watch girls in skin-tight yoga gear do really incredible things with their bodies

Live music One of the things that makes live music such fertile ground for hooking up is the diverse crowd it attracts. You’ve got your average socially active crowd and a legion of girls drawn out of their houses purely for the love of the band. These demure, often shy girls are also human beings and develop healthy natural urges. It is almost your duty as a man to help her with that in any way possible.I’m not talking about going to see the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden here; instead, focus on smaller venues that book lesser-known indie bands. These bands attract a feverish following of these aforementioned young ladies and the intimate setting of these claustrophobic venues gives you plenty of chances to be near whomever catches your eye.Put on your iconic Atari T-shirt and head down for some navel gazing with the hipsters

Art gallery Everyone could use a bit more culture in their lives. Fear Factor and other types of pop culture don’t count. I am talking about true, challenging, snooty kind of culture. Art museums are the perfect place to gain an appreciation for the finer things in life, and they also happen to be fantastic spots to meet women. These ladies usually have their guards way down and have a positive prejudice for guys they see browsing around inside galleries. You’ll normally only find bookish, librarian types or artists -- two female demographics that don’t get a lot of male attention and will be over the moon to receive some from you. Just be sure you don’t gawk too long at the nudes -- that’s a fairly easy red flag to spot.

The key to the best pick up locations They put women in situations where they don’t feel threatened or leered at, and this makes them so much more open to your advances. As a bonus, most of them are also places that encourage positive change in your life. So, even if you don’t manage to hook up, you’ve at least got that to fall back on

Whats your favorite pick up place???

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