10 Situations That Make Women Want Sex  

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3/6/2006 9:06 am

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10 Situations That Make Women Want Sex

1- After an argument
The concept of "make-up sex" is not a myth. A heated argument with your woman tends to get your blood boiling, and your heart pumping. And once you've both gotten whatever's been bothering you off your chests and told each other exactly how you feel, there's nothing quite like turning the tables by taking her in your arms, kissing her passionately and letting your heightened emotions take over.

Even if you've upset her and she's crying, that's okay. Let her calm down, wipe her tears away and make love to her.

2- Happy occasion
Just like anger and sadness, extreme happiness can also get a woman in the mood. So, if she just got her degree, got a great new job, just found out she's pregnant, or another similarly joyous event has just taken place, it's time to channel all of that positive energy into some great sex.

3- Amid stress
Although I wouldn't consider stress an extreme emotion, it can raise a woman's libido. If your woman's been likened to a chicken without a head lately, chances are that she'd be quite appreciative if you offered her a release for her tension. That goes for stress-induced headaches too, by the way. That's right; a roll in the hay often gets rid of her headaches altogether. Be sure to tell her that the next time she gives you that tired line.

4- Jealousy
I'm not talking jealousy of the psychotic kind here; I'm referring to that little twinge of insecurity that comes over her when another woman is doing her competitive bitch thing and putting the moves on you, so to speak. After an evening of watching her man be hit on by other women, she may just want to remind you about one of the important reasons you're with her and not them. But don't go out of your way to make her jealous, that will just hurt and confuse her in the long run, diminishing the likelihood of your getting laid even further.

5- Day 14... or so
Wow, this is a shocker: A woman gets horny when she's ovulating. So, if it's been about two weeks since her last period, now is probably a good time to initiate some action, if she hasn't beaten you to it already.

6- Party on
I'm not advocating getting her drunk and taking advantage of her here. But, there's nothing like a little dancing and drinking to get a woman in the mood. So, pour her her favorite kind of liquid courage, lead her in a slow dance on your living room floor, and watch as her inhibitions slowly melt away, allowing you to proceed with the matter at hand. Cheers!

7- Sexy movie
Most women aren't that into porn, especially not the raunchy, hard-core stuff. But a steamy sex scene starring Brad Pitt or Antonio Banderas may just be enough to get her revved up and ready for you. So, turn your next humdrum night in watching movies, into a night you won't soon forget.

8- Long-distance love
Long-distance relationships have the potential to be great for your sex life, as you will typically spend several days or weeks apart, pining for one another, with maybe just a couple of phone calls to keep you going, so that by the time you are reunited, all you want to do is devour each other.

9- Abstinence
The longer a woman goes without having sex, the hornier she'll be. So, if the woman you're after has been single for a while, and isn't the one-night stand type, chances are that she's looking for the right guy to break her dry spell. It just may be you.

10- Creative pitch
If your woman enjoys using her creativity, whether it be in the kitchen, with a paintbrush or musically, these occasions may be conducive to great sex. So, the next time she's making you a gourmet meal, you may just want to slip into the kitchen for some pre-dinner sex.

bipolybabe 54F

3/6/2006 9:38 am

Good list. I'm certainly down with the Antonio Banderas suggestion!

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FunandFrisky79 41M/36F

3/6/2006 11:45 pm

Great post!!! I hope you don't take this the wrong way (I'm not being condescending whatsoever!), but you're very wise for your age! I mean, you're not the typical teenager who is looking for a "one night stand". I find that very comforting!!! You are full of insight, Nick!!!

Blog on, sweetie!!!
Kisses & Hugs,


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