Dreams really are to be shared...  

drmz_come_true 51F
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10/26/2005 8:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dreams really are to be shared...

Wow! What a dream I had last night. Maybe, it was you I invisioned...tall, hard - oh yes that was you...I could not tell until you came closer...amazing what you do to me while I am asleep...

Please tell me

teaystongue 48M
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11/2/2005 10:05 pm

As I passed through the Groups I ran accross your picture. Your smile.. your eyes they draw the dream out in me. Have we met before, I believe we have...maybe only in a dream.

It rained all day and there was no fixing your hair. Fed up with your day at work you braved the rain one last time as you scurried to your car. Funny how neither of us saw the other. Maybe it was ther rain falling so hard that we were forced to look down instead of out. We colided your keys and handbag fell. I struggled to keep my balance as I caught you before you splashed upon the parking lot. We pulled together each with a sigh. You ran your fingers through your drenched hair to expose a look of surprise. That's when it happened. was it an hour... a day... a week? Time stood still as well as leaped forward. We had seen each other before. In our dreams. We never spoke a word. You started to but I hushed your lips with my forefinger as if i was telling the class to be quiet. We drew together closer, chilled and drenched to the bone, but closer still. the kiss started soft, almost as if not to kiss. our eyes darted around looking for answers. As if to ask; Who are you? Why am I kissing you? And why can't I turn away? All at the same time. this kisses grew stronger and more passionate. we were warm now drying from the inside out. A fire reaged inside of us as we pressed heavily against each other. we had satisfied each other so many times in our dreams, why not now. I cupped your head as you starred at the smokey sky watching each drop of rain as it beat your face. I kissed and nibbled at your neck and you couldn't seem to turn your head from the stinging rain. Until ... you looked down and gave me a deep throaty kiss. It lasted forever. You looked around the parking lot between the cars to see if someone was coming. not a soul. that is when you turned to me ripped open my shirt, buttons flying everywhere in the wind and rain. Gasped and dove kissing, nibling and sucking into my chest. Tugging at my jeans you whispered "Take me, please....I need you". We slid down between the cars and.... and ...and you suddenly were startled by you co-worker dropping by your desk and saying, "drive home careful, it's raining Like hell out there". You realize it's still been just a dream. but dream's can be fufilled. Love someone, the mind is a responsive sex organ.
- B. Slurp!

teaystongue 48M
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11/2/2005 10:17 pm

Meet me, the storm clouds are darkening the shy as we speak? B. Slurp

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