Where to from here????  

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8/22/2006 3:57 pm

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Where to from here????

Have you ever tried to get your bills set-up to be paid on line automatically? (What a nightmare.)

Since I got through the house last weekend I've been trying to get the bills set-up to come out of my checking account automatically each month. My mortgage is the one that is the pain in the ass. I've tried going through my bank and can't find a link between them and the mortgage company. Tried going through the mortgage company and they have a stack of paper work I have to fill out. For Gods sake I just want to be able to make sure my bills get paid on time. Why is it such a big deal???

If they realized the problems I have at home they would freak. I don't need more problems then I already have yet they want to mail everything. for the bankers out there "I'M A LONG HAUL TRUCK DRIVER" I don't get home but for a few days a month!!!!!!

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