Rockie Doubles Chapter 3  

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9/6/2006 6:52 pm

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Rockie Doubles Chapter 3

We were doing pretty good so we figured we'd try go the owner operator route. At first I tried leasing the truck I was driving, but that way I would never own the truck so I went shopping and found a '95 Freightliner FLD flat-top for a price that I felt comfortable with and with the refinance we had the money for the down payment. (what a mistake that turned out to be, but that is an entirely different story)

It is around April and I didn't get a lot of sleep. The weather was good, the kids were good, I just couldn't sleep. (I don't sleep very good at night but I have even more trouble sleeping during the day) finally I give up and go to the shipper where I can close the curtains and shut out most of the light and get some sleep.
About 10:00 pm they come wake me up (about 3 hours after I got there) and tell me my load is ready.

Everything is going great I made great time had no problems. I'm starting to get tired but I only have about 5 miles and I'll be at the receivers so no worries right...wrong less then a mile from the receiver the lack of sleep caught up with me and out I went. There was some construction where it happened and the next thing I know I'm bouncing off a cement barrier.

I was lucky the truck stayed up right all the tires were still inflated nothing that a little time in the shop souldn't fix. It cost me about $1500 to get the front suspension checked out and I did have to replace the right steer tire. got all that done and even got some sleep and was ready to go when the return load was ready.

You might want to tighten up that lap belt a little more. We aren't through yet, but you will have to wait for the next installment. Hope you are all enjoying the ride through my memories.

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