Rockie Doubles Chapter 2  

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9/5/2006 12:54 pm
Rockie Doubles Chapter 2

After getting everything taken care of with that accident things were going pretty good. My paychecks were consistent enough that we were able to get a refinance on our house and make a lot of improvements that needed to be made. We redid our driveway making it go from the house to the property line and 4 inch thick concrete so when I was home I could park the truck at the house out of the mud.

It's now the latter part of Feb. and we are at the point in the construction of pouring the new driveway, so I'm parking the bob-tail out on the main street about a half block from the house. I got ready to go to work this one night and on the way to the truck I can see the reflection of Police lights coming from the area of where me truck is parked and start wondering just what has happened to my truck.

As I get to the corner a police officer stops me and asks if I'm the driver of the truck. After tell him that I am he proceeds to tell me that it has been involved in an accident and I better check it over to see what kind of damage there may be to it.

As it turned out the car that hit my truck hit it in the left rear drive tires and did some fairly major damage to the truck.(I believe the car was totaled.) The truck I was driving at the time was a Kenworth T600 with an 8 bag air-ride suspension. the car hit the tires hard enough that it tore the left rear airbags bent the shock absorber to the shape of a boom-a-rang broke the axle housing and bent the stabilizer rod that goes from left to right to help keep the axle in alignment. (That rod is a piece of steel that is about an inch and a half in diameter.)

After calling the company a tow truck was sent to take my truck to the KW dealer there in Salt Lake City. I couldn't build enough air with the torn airbags to even release my brakes. the company had to find someone else to cover my run and that meant leaving the 28 foot trailer in Salt Lake since we had to have special permits to pull both trailers. A lot of unhappy people that night myself included.

As it turned out the truck was in and out of the shop in time that I only lost the 1 round and was able to pick-up as though nothing major had happened.

Stay tuned for the episode coming when I nest get a chance. Don't forget to buckle up and hold on this is really getting to be a bumpy ride.

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