California Blues  

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8/19/2006 10:18 pm

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California Blues

Why would I ever in my right mind take a load going to California??? I changed job 2 years ago so I wouldn't have to go to California so much. *lost mind for a few minutes* All it takes is a couple minutes and your commited in this industry.

There really was a good reason for me taking this load fron Indiana to California, it has to do with wanting to get through the house and pick up some things (like my new debit card so I can pay my bills).

I'm not sure it was such a good thing though. I did find out that my wife isn't going to file for a divorce, but our marrage is over she just doesn't want the hassles of dealing with a lawer. I think part of it is she knows I'll fight her for custody of my granddaughter, and she wouldn't have much chance of winning that one.

So what do I hope to accomplish here? nothing really. I don't want or need pitty, a pat on the back and a we're so sorry really isn't anything I'm looking for. Heaven help anyone I hear bad mouth my wife *myself excluded* I would take that worse then pitty.

Its to late to say what if's, the marrage is over, finished, capput. she doesn't want to even try to reconcile.

I've decided that in the interest of my granddaughter its best to just accept things as they are and in 6 or so years after she turns 18 and finishes high school then I'll put and end to the marrage by filing for a divorce. For now I'm not looking to get involved in any type of long term relationship (if it happens it happens) but....*lost what I was going to say there*.

I just hope one day my wife can get over hating me and we can at least be friends. She'll always have a special place in my heart.

As for California it too will always have a special place, just never a fond one as long as they are over taxing the honest people.


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