The true question  

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12/1/2005 5:20 pm

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The true question

So I'm probably doing something wrong on this site. Considering I haven't gotten past a "hello, how are you?" on this site. I'm sure all women are completely overwhelmed by how many messages they get. But I consider myself a fairly good looking guy and should be able to get more of a response than what I've been getting. I've gotten responses from maybe 10 different girls. 4 of which were at least written well enough that I didn't think it was an ad. And 1 out of those (well twins actually) that went up to 3 emails. So I'm pretty sure they're real. But they haven't written back anyway, so I'll give up on that fantasy for now.

No I'm not just into sex, and I want to find out a little about who I'm writting too and hopefully seeing later. I'm not writing to women on the first email about what fantasy went through my head as soon as a saw her pic.

I'm young, successful, educated, good looking, and a genuinely nice guy. And I do have a wild side in bed. I am curious about what I am doing wrong here. Or am I fighting a battle that can't be won, because there are about 30 guys to every single girl.

I'm sure there are real success stories on here and I would like to hear some of them. Also, just an observation I had, I think that the most percentage of people who I think are real and actually want to meet are over 35. Is there anybody who isn't an ad under 30? oh, and this relates to female ads. I'm sure there is plenty of real guys out there.

ClausGaiusSmote 43M

12/1/2005 8:02 pm

Ok.. I've been doing this for awhile on AdultFriendFinder, and you're right. Women on here get so much attention it can be a real bitch to stand out. Here's somethings I've learned though...

1. most chicks don't dig the cock shots. At least not immediately, and usually not in your profile... not hard to believe when you think about it.

2. Face pics are a must. Women wanna visualize you who you are, not your dick. See above.

3. When at first you don't suceed, try try again. Not saying be a stalker, but persistance pays too.

4. Go to AdultFriendFinder parties, and don't expect to get laid. If it happens great, but if not no worries. Get your name and face out there.

I have had over a dozen really good sexual experiences from AdultFriendFinder,including a few I can't believe myself. I met exactly none of them in the chat rooms. Don't be afraid to a run a search, find a couple of cute ones and send them a nice note. They may end up being fake or whatever, but A LOT aren't. A lot of the real ones might get scared about answering back. Whatever. Seek and ye shall find.

Oh, and really spending time on your profile and cupid helps.

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