Hot or Not  

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10/8/2005 4:49 pm

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Hot or Not

While on another Site, obviously the one in the title. I have already gotten a request to meet at a Hotel. She seems real nice, but the distance may be a factor in if we really meet or not.

Got to enjoy getting an email or IM from someone that truely wants to meet up vice, getting that IM from someone that says they want to meet and never do.

While working away about 6 months ago and on Yahoo messenger, I was in a WV chat room and got IM'd by one of the chatters suggesting that we meet up, she even sent a pic of herself (at least that is what she said). She said I will be by your hotel in about 30 minutes, of course she never came by, and she offered again the next day. Of course she never showed again, not that I was expecting her to.

Well today I am searching through the people in WV and can you beleive the same name as her Yahoo name and she is on here looking to meet people... I have a feeling that no one will ever get to meet her, or maybe she just didn't want to meet me... oh well that is life.

I would love to acually meet up with someone that I can find attractive and enjoy some fun time with. It almost always seems like people say they are going to meet up, but always find an excuse not to meet.

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