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10/19/2005 7:07 am

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After reading several blogs yesterday about people getting blowjobs while sleeping or being awaken by someone giving them a blow job... (I shouldn't read these) I had the best dream last night only to wake up to a rock hard cock and no one to enjoy it with. But I will say the dream that I was having was better than normal.

It started as a normal day out of town, with me at a bar drinking my favorite whiskey. And as normal I am flirting with every young lady in the place, cause that is just how I am. I like to flirt. But tonight was a little different, one of the young ladies that that even though I was 13 years older than her that I didn't look bad, and thought it would be fun to enjoy the evening with. So one thing lead to another, and before you knew it we were back in my hotel room taking a long hot shower together and basically enjoying the fact that we wanted to be in bed. Of course washing and feeling someone for the first time is always a good thing, not to mention she very much enjoyed sucking me in the shower, I am glad the shower had seats it made it so much better. So we then dried each other off and proceeded to the bed for some dessert.

I got the ice cubes out and proceeded to run them on her body, first her lips then I kissed her. Then I ran then down her neck to her breasts where they responded rather quickly. While I ran the ice cube over one of her breasts I sucked the other and she started to moan. Then I swiched sides. Which got her going even more. I then moved down her body where I took the ice cube my mouth followed. First over her belly button ring then down to her shaved pussy. Just the smell of her got me rock hard, I slowly ran the cube over her clit then as I started to tongue her I inserted the cube inside of her and began to play with my fingers and my mouth. She started to moan and rock her hips to the movement on my mouth and fingers. When she let loose with her orgasim she almost smothered me as she clamped her hips togther and squezed me.

We than had wild sex with her on top so she could control me. She rode me and played with my balls at the same time while I was using my fingers to rub her to another orgasim. Of course it didn't take long for me to blow my nut. And I couldn't blame the alcohol, she was just that good. But I could blame the alcohol for me getting tired. So we took another shower to help revive us and started over again except this time I was on top from the side of the bed (me standing and her laying on her back)... The next thing I remember in my dream she was sucking me awake and I did wake up to find myself just about to blow a nut... so off to the bathroom to finish things off, then back to bed.

But the dream didn't come back.

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