Doesn't suprize me  

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10/4/2005 12:51 pm

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Doesn't suprize me

Well, I check and just as I figured not even 1 person viewed my post... must be either a) I didn't write enough sex into it, or b) I have no pic.

Oh well.

So today as normal I worked my butt off. I did enjoy life with my best friend today though.... I walked into to the house to find her naked in my bedroom. Of course what could I do, so I walked over and kissed her deeply. She pulled my shirt up over my head, then she undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She then walked me to the bed where I could help my self but to look at her knowing what was to come.

I climbed in bed with her kissing her on the lips, then working my way down. I stopped myself just above her pubic hair (trimmed I might add). As I started kissing my way back up, she grabbed my cock and slowly started stroking it. I kissed her on the lips again. She started to move to the side, so I followed. She then pushed me on my back and kissed me. She then slowly moved down my body moving at what felt like a snails pace. When she reached my cock, she slowly took me in. She didn't stay long though just long enough to make me want her to keep going. As she started moving back up, I let my finger do the walking. I slowly started rubbing her clit... and did she respond to that. She let out a moan, so I slipped my finger inside her and slowly started moving in and out.... she rocked back on her heels and just enjoyed what I was doing to her. Within minutes, and had her cumming in my hand. That is when she wanted me inside her... so as she moved forward I slide in, but I didn't let her stay on me long. She was starting to get a little fast. So I slid out and started fingering her again, this time we were both facing each other on our knees on the bed. I kept going into she exploded once more in my hand.

I then laid her down on her back and used my mouth to play for a while where my hand just was. I spent at least 5 minutes just tongueing her as she said slow down, wait, and then lower... I then slipped my finger in while still working my tongue and she moaned and wiggled again she let loose.

Then since she was almost begging at this point I moved forward and slid into her slowly at first, then thrusting as she was enjoying this as much as I was. I didn't last long though since she was starting to get dry and I didn't want to hurt her. So I gave it one last trust and laid next to her. She didn't complain at all, but just laid there. She knew I had to get back to work, so we both got up to go our ways.

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