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7/10/2005 3:51 am

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The other night Steve came over and pseudo kidnapped me - taking me hostage at his apartment.... FUCKING FREAKS!! 'nuff said! Steve, Levi and Joe are like watching a bad movie!! Not bad ... but hilariously stupid. Like living in a slapstick comedy, my life is!! Ever actually OBSERVED a tweaker in their natural habitat? (If only they weren't too paranoid to let me catch some of the dumb shit on tape!! 60 Minutes special - here we come!) The one and only time that I did ever get anything on tape was when Chris Fear, savior of the universe, bailed Miller (ever greatful... .and I do mean literally EVER!!) out of jail... and we all got so fucking spunfuckingaacked that we were making up our own words, taking things apart the hard way (with our teeth... er something) and sitting around laughing (tweakers rarely laugh) ... it was very interesting. BUT mysteriously enough... that tape dissapeared. (Doesn't really suprise me! Now that everyone is on probation... that tape could be very incriminating!!)
BACK TO STEVE - definetly interesting to say the very least. It was fun. Steve complimented... or more like HAILED my boobs, Joe ogled, drooled and FINALLY mentioned (before leaving my house that I have a VERY hot little body... NEEDLESS TO SAY - the testosterone levels at the apartment were so high that I could have had them all hand feeding me peeled grapes and parading me around in my cart, on their shoulders.... good thing I am not a normal chick. (That's why they like to hang out with me... that and I'm cute, and good to pick up chicks with!)
I decided that I must eventually return to my hellhole, and see if Mr. Chris was back. He was. I really hate the disaster that our house is... but I guess it's fitting, it matches our life! I was actually almost thinking about being embarrased! (Imagine that one!) Chris decided to do his usual unsocial bit, and then take off. *goal- work on the reaction to that!*
After I made him feel weird (just an assumption, not actual fact.) He decided to take off again - and go do Chris Things. I recruited Steve and Joe to help me load all the piles of shit into Steve's car, and made them take it to Goodwill. I even made them take the baseball bat... however, after a bad day at court - I discovered that he (Chris) DOES have another one.... it's going away on Friday - I fucking swear!!
THEN - GUESS WHO'S HOT, ARROGANT ASS SHOWS UP? Fucking Shawn Bacoccini, of course, who else!?

I bitched and whined to him a little about Chris & our federally declared Good As Fucking Nuked living space - but only after a very "showy" long, hot and pretty fucking heavy "i fucking love you and miss you, and i want to make this look really fucking yummy, so that Joe and Steve will go home and tell my supposed girlfriend the first place I came was here to you." HUG. And then Steve, who had shocked me completely earlier in the night by talking shit about his 'greatest friend' Leeanna - SHOCKED ME YET AGAIN! He strait up gave the bitch what she always deseved - and told Shawn that Leeanna, though doing an ok job of making Shawn believe that she was going to quit dope and was waiting faithful and patiently at home for him - was doing QUITE THE OPPOSITE.
I don't know EXACTLY what was said - but thank's to Joe's vengeance for the bitch I have a pretty good idea. Steve took Shawn outside, and told him something to the effect of the truth (imagine that one, too!) about Leeanna's doings - Like Reid, and the dope, and the dumb shit. Fucking, living with , doing and having.
Shawn told me later that he's not moving in with her, but "It sucks, I still love her." I wish that someone could point out the differences between LOVE and fucking manipulated fear of being alone.... a feeling that Shawn shouldn't confuse with Love... no one should. (But especially him) What I really think: He doesn't really know if he loves her, but he's thinking that he may eventually discover whether he does or not. Just an outsiders perspective of course.
After moving 207 god damned Playboy's off of my bed (because we would be using it later)
I fucking LOVE being me sometimes!! I really do!
SO we fucked, as can usually be expected. Especially after he spends a year in jail - and the day he gets out, comes over, and then get's weird after sex... because it's been such a long time. It wasn't just the expected wild sex, fucking perfect like always... IT WAS mmmmuch too GOOD - and - WOA - Fuck me, way good on TOP OF IT ! I love the fact that ‒ aside from just loving to fuck me…. Shawn knows exactly what I love to hear! Even if he is just saying it for the simple reason that it makes me smile, and it makes me wet to be so flattered by him… I still like it. And I love his thick cock… OHHHH how I love his thick fucking cock!!! I think I’ll go dream about it…


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