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7/11/2005 12:50 pm

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Hard cock. I love to finger my soaking cunt thinking about your hard cock. I like to part the lips of my pink pussy and rub over my clit before I slide my fingers into the moist warmth of my aching pussy. I think of myself on my knees, feeling my juices all over my hand as you thrust your hot, hard cock into my throat. Then you slow down a little, just as slide one more finger between my pussy lips, imagining your solid dick stretching the pink wetness of my cunt, and then fucking me for hours. I lick your the tip of your cock and shove it into my mouth, slowly sucking it down into my throat until I have it all, then as you slide it out, I tease and taste all around it with my tongue. You slide your hands down my back and grab my fine ass, sliding your fingers teasingly in and out of my pussy, with mine, and then shoving them into my ass. I moan a little, it feels good, and I want to have a rock hard cock inside me in place of all the probing fingers. Then you grab my hand away from my dripping pussy, and I feel your soft, warm tongue lick my pussy lips, and I love it when you, mmmm, suck on my clit so hard . . . and then you slide your tongue in and out of my hole before filling it with your fingers. I love it so much... and I want all my holes filled with huge hard cocks like yours . . . I moan, and cum a little as I imagine it . . . you lick my pussy so fucking good, and tease my ass before you devour my cunt . . . and roll me onto my back so you can kiss me. As you begin sucking on my hard, pink nipples, and caressing my firm tits, I can't help but rub slowly over my hard clit, and then slide my fingers into my cunt and ass. I want your cock so fucking bad . . . you sit up, to watch me as a shove my fingers in and out of my soaked pussy, all the way to my ass is glistening with my warm juices. I want cock inside me so badly . . . and you kiss my neck as I slide my pussy down over the tip of your cock, and tease you with my tight pussy, as I slide you out of my pink, cunt again, only slide it in me again, taking every inch of it deep into my cunt. My tight pussy slips up and down your throbbing dick, until I want to explode . . . and then I slip your meat out of pussy. I slide your cock, dripping with my pussy juices, into my ass, and slowly take more and more of it. You grab my ass roughly, and then begin sucking on my nipples again, playing with them , and then nibbling them. My pussy drips, as you fuck my ass slowly, and I think how fucking good it would feel to have another, huge hard dick fucking my pussy, too. You read my mind, and you grab my dildo, and shove it in my cunt. I love the way two cocks feel, fucking me, pleasing me so well. As I moan more and more, you can’t resist the pink wet fold of my juicy cunt, and you slide your huge cock, and my toy out of me. You slide me over to the edge of the bed, where I can stand up, and bend over perfectly, for you fuck my dripping pussy. . . Slowly and roughly you pound my cunt, and I want to come again. . . and you fuck it harder and faster, bracing yourself on my shoulders to pull me onto you cock harder and harder. I moan and I want more, more . . . and your throbbing dick thrusts my pussy so hard, as it explodes inside me, and I can feel your cum shoot, and then drip down pussy as I orgasm, as well.
You pull your stiff cock out of me, let me suck all of our juices off of your tingling dick. I love to just lick and swallow your cock. . . and I love the sweet taste of your come. . . and I wish I could have had it my mouth. Or in my ass. Or in every hole. . . . . . But it’s not over yet . . . and you start kissing my back, and teasing it with your tongue . . . .

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7/12/2005 10:33 pm

Wow...very hot stuff! Welcome to blogland, drippinkxe.


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