I Like It From Behind  

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8/17/2005 11:29 pm

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I Like It From Behind

The other night I was completely naked on the cool, soft grass in this beautiful park downtown as the sun was setting. Laying on my stomach, allowing my senses to fill with the scent of summer, blades of grass were teasing my hard nipples as I took a breath. Chris was laying next to me, and the warmth from his body in the chilly evening air was giving me goose bumps. His hand slid slowly from the sexy curve of my back... down my smooth and perfect ass and he squeezed my cheeks, letting his fingers brush accross my pussy lips slightly. His other hand slid up my waist and between me and the grass, pinching my hardened nipple and carressing my tit. I got instantly wet and my cunt started to tingle, then he rolled his body on top of me, he swollen cock, pressing against my cunt. Without entering my hole, he pushed against me and slid his hand from my nipple down my stomach to my mound. He started rubbing and pulling at my nub and it felt like his entire body was completely surrounding me. I felt the head of his huge dick separate my lips, and then he shoved every inch of it inside the warm wetness of my pink hole. Still playing furiosly with my clit, he slowly withdrew his slick cock from inside me and hammered it back in hard and slow. He sat up, his cock still inside me, and started running his finger between my ass cheeks. With his thumb, pressing against my asshole, he would thrust his meat into me slowly. My ass was aching it wanted it so bad, and my pussy would tighten around his cock as he got closer and closer to shoving a finger into my ass...
He started to rub my ass with both hands as he pounded my cunt, and he would pull my cheeks apart shove both thumbs inside my ass with every thrust. I was cumming, but he didn't stop. He fucked my cunt harder and shoved another finger into my ass. The hot, juices from my pussy were dripping now, and he I felt his cock explode inside me, as I quivered from orgasmic ecstacy.

I like it from behind

CityDifferent200 58M

8/19/2005 3:15 pm

VERY arousing post. That thumb-action alone was enough to make me stiff, and together with your pic, one of the most mouth-watering pussies I've ever seen, you had me jetting cum. Thanks! And give us more!

drippinkxe 34F
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9/13/2005 2:32 am


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9/29/2005 3:47 pm

Where do I sign up

only4pleasure20 35M
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10/16/2005 1:22 pm

That is incrediable. What a wonderful and caring lover you have.

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