24 hours dripping wet (a.k.a The Library)  

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7/28/2005 1:07 am

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24 hours dripping wet (a.k.a The Library)

I'd like to give about 1000 points to one of my favorite Fuck Buddies, Reid - for his insatiable craving to fuck me - and for his creative genius in the subject of location! (Creative genius could also be considered a euphemism for too horny to care!)
He makes me wet at just the thought of his thick cock in my pussy... And the way he slides it inside my tight little cunt and inch at a time pulling it back out before he thrusts it in a little deeper. He has this aggressive sexual nature, take charge, lift you up and hold you against the wall while he screws the hell outa' you kinda erotic personality. Kinda makes me think he could get kinda kinky!
I wanted to fuck and I was literally, dripping wet. from all the dirty thoughts that had been running through my mind since I had left Eric's.... (I never experienced the true meaning of "Horny Dope" before that moment, driving down Wyoming towards home, when I felt the wetness of my pussy soaking into my pants. . . . and I practically wanted to tear Chris apart when I finally got home. How nice it must be to wake up to a very sexy ( horny!) me, stradling the swelling bulge in your pants and holding a big bowl of the ill-est dope ever. Begging to get fucked right then ... I like to get my way! ANd who's gonna deny me anything, especially cock!

When Reid called asking for a ride, I was thinking "I can give you one hell of a ride, baby!'
The car wash bay - I was trying to concentrate on getting the right money orders filled out to the right people and sent to the right place when I was struck with the words. . . "I wonder if you could do that with your boobs hanging out!?"
Suddenly they were. I have the most perfect, round, firm breasts ever... they look fake, really! My nipples are almost ale permanently happy (except in 100 degree weather!), poking through whatever tiny excuse for a shirt I am wearing - and they would turn me on too, if I were Reid! He had no hesitation in reaching across the front seat of the car, to squeeze my hot tit's and play with my nipples a little. And then sprung forth "the idea" - and what a good idea it was...
"Why don't we play a game - where we drive around and point out good places to have sex?"
This is a hell of a lot more difficult than it sounds - especially when you just want to mount his thick pecker right then and let him pound your cunt until your sweet pussy juices drip down the sides of his .... hmmm - and yet you're driving around looking for suitably cool places to get fucked. (You know what I think is a cool place to get fucked? The Ass! j/k)

I know that I was exuding so much sexuality, it was getting to him, and finally - he told me "Turn there - right there at the library! We're gonna go inside, and check it out for good places to fuck." Moments later we are in the Men's bathroom, inside the largest stall and he lifts me up onto the changing table thing that folds down from the wall inside the stall, shoves his finger into my soaked pussy and rubs over my clit with his thumb. He looks out the opening between the stall and the door, and takes his dripping fingers from inside me and grips the base of his swollen rod. He slides his other hand up the side of my thigh, and around my back lifts me a little and slides me towards him. He parts my moist pussy lips with the tip of meat, pulling me to him while slowly pushing only a few inches of his solid shaft into my tight twat.
"I hope you're ready to get fucked" he declares in a breathy voice leaning close to my face, sliding his slick helmet out of me.
I adjust a little and recline up against the cool tile wall, and tug my sexy, pink halter top down exposing my perfect tits, which I know he loves. He looks down at me as he dips quivering cock deeper into my pussy. The strength of his slow steady thrusts opens my gap around his massive member and I moan with each force of his penetration until his whole dick is shoved deep inside me.
"Does that feel good?" He asks while he starts pumping my pink slit steadily and hard.
"Oooh yea." I put my hands on his firm ass tightly clenching the muscles in my cunt around his escaping cock. As soon as warm hole tightens around him, his ram thrust back into my cunt. "It feels so fucking good, Reid."
Reid's thick cock is hammering into my dripping snatch, as I reach the soft, shaved flesh of my mound, and slide my fingers around either side of his wide cock and feel it jamming in and out of me.
"That's it, rub that pussy baby!" He pauses, watching as spread two fingers apart exposing my swollen clitty, then frigging it slowly in all directions. The width of his massive pole spreads my tight slit again. I twirl my button between my thumb and finger and then rub over it in unison with the pounding thrusts of his throbbing thug.
"Ohah... Reid - it feels.... so ...good" I push both my hands against the wall behind me, meet every steady hammer from his cock.
"You're so fucking sexy, you know that.... so sexy..." The steady force from his thick cock slows down, and I squeeze my muscles inside of my cunt around his solid shaft. Slowly he maneuvers his fuck-stick to rub my throbbing clit while his member spreads my gash apart, and then, he forces his entire cock deep in to me once... and twice. I spread my legs wide open and he slides one arm into the small of my back
"Rub that fucking pussy baby! Rub that sexy pussy!" my fingers are bouncing over my rock hard clit, as it grows harder I can feel Reid's helmet throb inside my cunt and he jams his dick into me with more force each steady calm movement... my body starts to tingle, I arch my back and try not to moan too loud, as his thick warm cum fills my pussy. . . . .
And then the bathroom door opens, and a person comes into the bathroom, and goes into the second stall from us. Reid and I try to compose ourselves as quietly as possible, pulling on his pants as helps me with my shoes - "Um - I guess I'll go out first, and you wait and then come out." His voice is breathy, and low and not very quiet at all - and he turns and walks out of the stall. SO, I followed right behind him, waiting for no one and actually saying "Hey" to the guy in the other stall as he came out, awestruck. As soon as I walked out the bathroom door into the lobby of the library - Reid turns around "What are you doing?!" he whispers as I catch up, smiling mischievously and noticing several people notice us and shake their heads as we walk to the door. Reid looks back at the disappointed elderly people, kinda paranoid and I swing the door open saying, "It's not like they can do anything about it now! It's already been done!"

I love to fuck Reid .... now I just have to come up with a better place for NEXT TIME!

CityDifferent200 58M

8/1/2005 12:14 pm

Please keep bringing us stories! Your posts so far have had me rigid, glistening with precum, stroking, spurting...


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