The Wiches of North?  

drew29561 52M
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7/3/2006 2:45 pm

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The Wiches of North?

Spells can be very mesmerizing if cast by an experienced witch. You really don't see them coming on, just know in the aftermath that you have been under their waving of the wand or ride on the broom. These witches know their craft well and can change your appearance to others so quickly because they have many under their spells.

Once you have figured out their game, you don't become a warlock right away because they quickly retreat to the coven and cast more spells as a unit over the boiling kettle. Becoming a warlock takes time and many hours of practice. The warlocks are a loosely knit group that if banded together, could have more power than at the present time. Alas though, they seem to always enjoy being under the spell of the witch more than being in control of their own destiny.

I have wondered where a wizard might play out in all of this. The wizard uses spells and the powers of the earth, but is a bit more cunning and less impassioned than a warlock. The wizard calculates and studies, rather than reacts. I think I will strive to be a wizard and move away from the norm of the day. I will grow a beard, study, calculate and move forward into the world of enchantment not darkness.

rm_nicetwist2 52F
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7/3/2006 11:04 pm

The wizard is the master of pleasure and can wave his wand and command the forces of nature. To be a master wizard takes concentration and control over one life. You hold the key to the sparkle of dew on a morning flower and the roar of thunder in the clouds. Master control and you become that wizard you so desire.
kisses Nanette Nicetwist

damseldistress8 45F

7/5/2006 12:30 am

interesting metaphor...

Steel_Legs 58M/F

7/13/2006 10:47 pm

Let's see if I can get close to what you're saying here;

The witches are the preponderance of females within the AF community.
They relish in the false sense of power and control that is given, not taken, from the weak, singly focused men.

The wizard, (you) and a few others, see through this charade and the witches respond with either awe and desire, or fear and disdain.

Without continuing in this vain, I'll sum up as simply as I am able;

Most people, women and men, just want to be happy and a big part of happiness is being with someone who cares for your happiness almost as much as their own. If there is a spell or magic potion for this alignment of purpose in two, or twelve billion people, the primary ingrediants must be love and honesty.


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