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10/9/2005 8:52 am

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iraq suks

they say things get worse before they get better. life in iraq doesnt seem to follow the same patterns of living. i remember when we first got here. for all ive complained about how much it sucks currently, nothing compares to the SUCK of my first 4 months. its funny because they were so gdamn miserable, yet we never even mention it to each other anymore. certainly we havent forgot. we deffinately didnt stop caring.

bravo company got here for elections, at the end of january. we bivuaced at the infamous patrol base. the ENTIRE company. since i was a shitbag medic (because before line duty, all medics are considered shitbags) i was stuck with a little concrete bunker for a house. room enough for 2 people to lay down akwardley, we fit 3. one was a fatass, the other we think closet homosexual. so with 4 medics, 2 platoons, and 24-hour patrolling, we took 6 hour shifts. 6 on, 6 off. not to mention its god damn 30* outside and raining for days on end. mud everywhere, wind coming in from all sides of the bunker, no showers, we were in a bad way. its amazing we did that for 3 straight months. then came summer. to facilitate longer off-time, the medics patrol windows have been extened to either 24, 36, or 48 hours on and off. 2 days of solid patroling, not really "days" per se, but this long period of light and darkness, of ungodly intense heat during the bright hours and somewhat less ungodly intense heat under the moon. it shouldve stayed cold. hadji doesnt like slinking around in the cold damp weather, thats why we never got IED'd during the winter. when it warmed up, it became an everyday occurance, either finding the bombs or getting blown up by them. being the medic, i guess that means i was twice, or even three times as likley, to be in one. im not sure if the math holds true, ive been in 5. one time i rolled right over 2 120mm mortar rounds. twice actually, untill someone asked what that shiny thing was in the hole we just passed. ive got the video of the det. it wouldve killed all of us, i dont know why it didnt go off. the weather lately is the usual desert weirdness. blazing hot at day, freezing cold at night. really, a 40* jump.

anyway, i guess what im saying is it only gets easier. weve got 2 and a half months left. more time off than we know what to do with. still nothing to eat and only water to drink, but whatever. less IED's and a smaller AO. none of us really give a shit about iraq, or freedom, or oil, or contracts, we just want to come home without the free flag. lets get this shit done with already.

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