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10/9/2005 8:50 am

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first entry!

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop"..

Isnt that just too true. With so little to actually do in our free time, Drew and I have been making our own fun, researching topics using the internet. Weve sucessfuly made our own pruno (prison wine, buck, hooch, etc) using grape juice, raisins, sugar, grape sports drink, and moldy wheat bread. I found a company that sells vinometers to test the proof, and also some yeast packs so we dont have to tie pieces of moldy bread into tee shirts and drop them into the mix anymore. The shit smells like complete fucking rancid death, and were both sure well pay for doing this to ourselves, probably by food posioning or septic shock. Will consume in one week, pictures to follow. I also found a company based in Holland that sells marijuana seeds, and although I dont personally smoke, most of my company does. With only 3 months left in Iraq, and our supply of local Iraqi-grown hasheesh gone, we needed the fastest growing bud available. I put in an order for "early misty" on 4 or 5 different sites, and every time the order was refused. Ill find another way. Drew on the other hand has occupied himself with explosives, using only pencils, mechanical pencils, copper wire, and M855 5.56cal rifle rounds. Weve also been signing up on every adult friend and singles chat site we can find. Youd be suprised how many Iraqi woman want nothing more than hot sex. We email the ones who live in Baghdad, being that its closest to our base in Iskandariyah and Musayaib. No responses yet, and this upsets me.

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