The Ladies Room  

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The Ladies Room

It was a warm, summer evening, she was nervous, yet excited. They had met online and had been out a couple of times for drinks but it had always been as friends. Tonight it would be different for she knew that both had fantasies they had always wanted to live out. But both were unsure as to how to go about finding and succeeding at the things they had only dreamed and fantasized about most of their lives. Both looking for something they felt was missing. Hoping that this would be the one time, she would find the man who was willing to actually live out what had only laid beneath the surface, reaching for those fantasties that one only hope to make come true.

She was looking thru her closet for something to wear, that would show she was willing to be slutty, but also classy. She chose a red blouse that was tight across her breast, but also was low cut enough to show what he was missing. Her skirt was short, black with slit up the back, chosing to wear her 3 inch heels, with nothing under. Going into the bathroom, she started to run the water into the sunk in tub, stepping in and leaning back to relax, as she wondered if she was assuming to much, for he had not gave any indication that he wanted to take their friendship futher, but she seem to sense in him that he was willing. Taking up the soap and the wash cloth, making it all soapy and sliding the cloth down her body as she slid it down from her neck to her chest, going lower as she circled her breast, moving to the nipples, feeling them harden as she touched them. Moving the cloth further down, across her stomach, and lower. As the cloth in her hand neared her womanhood, she realized that she was excited with want, and knowing she could not go that long without some type of release, she let the cloth slide from her hand. As she slid her hand lower, she began to rub lightly at the lips of her pussy, slowly sliding her finger between those two lips, looking for the clit, finding it she slid her finger across it, feeling it beginning to harden. She knew that it would take more that just that one finger. She spread the lips further open, moving two fingers into place, and feeling the warm water caressing her clit. She began to move against her own hand, and moving the other up to her breast, as she began to pinch her nipple lightly then a little harder, as she moved her other against that swollen clit, feeling the sensation building, she so wished for the touch of a warm wet tongue against her nipples, knowing she could reach them herself she slid her own tongue against her, nipple, licking and sliding it around it, she began to suck upon it making it harder, moving her lower hand hard against her clit she, felt herself getting hard and more swollen, rubbing it hard and faster, she felt herself near completion. As she lay there bring herself pleasure, she felt the intense rush in the pit of her stomach, as she played with herself more, sliding a finger inside her hot, wet, pulsing pussy as she came, knowing this would have to do for now, she lay there for a moment, settling down abit. Standing to step from the tub, she got the towel, rubbing it against her still sensative skin, drying herself and beginning to dress.

The time had come to leave for the resturant, she stepped from the door of the house, confident that she was ready for whatever would come of the evening. Getting into her car, she put on her seatbelt, started it, sitting there adjusting the radio, then putting it in reverse, she pulled from the driveway. Driving the short distance from her apartment to the resturant they were to meet. Stepping from the car, she looked toward the door of the resturant, checking one more time to make sure she looked good. Walking into the resturant, looking about, to see if he had made it yet. Looking towards the bar, she spots him sitting there watching her. She walks over to the bar, smiling as she sits down next to him. Saying hello, he tells her she looks very nice, asking if she would perfer a table or a booth. Telling him she believes a booth would be nice. Telling the waitress that they will be moving to a booth and ordering her a drink, before leading her to a semi round booth, letting her slide in before him, he places his hand at her waist and softly whispers to her, mmmm you look good enough to eat. The waitress bringing him a fresh drink and bringing her ice tea, asks if they will be wanting menus. He tells her maybe later, now at this time. They sit there talking and laughing. They begin to talk about their fantasies, as is usual when they meet. She looks at him, asking him if you had one fantasy you could live out tonight, what would it be. Looking at her with a look of sly, devilish look, he smiles at her. Whispering to her, I said " you look good enough to eat ." My fantasy would be to do so right here and now. She looks up and giggles , telling him to be careful what he wishes for. Watching the mischevious look in her eyes, he asks...."Oh! really and why is that?" All she does is look at him and tells him she is going to the ladies room, and that he should follow her in a couple of moments. Getting up she heads for the ladies room, wondering if he will follow.

Going into the ladies room, she closes the door, making sure she doesn't lock it, she steps over to the stall, raising her skirt, as she sits down, realizing she is quite horny after their conversation, she begins to rub her pussy lightly, sliding her finger in between the lips, feeling the clit as it grows hard, sitting there waiting to see if he will show. She begins to play with herself. Lost in play, she doesnt realize he has come into the ladies room as she, had requested. He is somewhat shocked to see her sitting there playing with herself, but yet he feels himself growing hard as he watches her, knowing that he will have to release his hardening cock from his pants........soon! Watching as she slides a hand into her blouse, beginning to play with her own nipples he knows he wants into the action, so lowering his zipper, he releases that hard throbbing cock, not noticing she is now watching him , he begins to slide his hand back and forth, using his pre-cum to make it slick. She watches and just as he notices she is watching him, she licks her lips and smiles. Knowing she is right where he would love to have her, he walks over and pulls her to her feet, as he goes down on his knees and sniffs at her hot, wet twat, placing a light kiss on it , then moving his tongue on the slit, plunging his warm, wet tongue between those lips flicking it against her clit, knowing she has already been playing , he finds it easily. Standing there placing her hands on the wall, feeling him beginning to eat her pussy, sliding his tongue against her clit, moving further down plunging his tongue deep inside her , .......... realizing he is not just licking her clit he is fucking her with his tongue, she begins to move against him,. Hearing her breathing quickening he moves his tongue back to her clit, sliding a finger inside of her, then another as she begins to move against his hand. Her breathing getting harder, as she rides his hand, and tongue, he knows that she is getting wetter, and knows she is getting really close, but he doesnt want it to end yet, he wants her good and excited............he gets to his feet, and turns her, placing both her hands on the wall, he tells her, "Oh! no dear, this is my fantasy, we aren't finished yet,." He pulls her into position and slides up behind her, and teases her with the head of that hard dick, sticking her with the head of it and then removing it, feeling her withering, she begins to beg him, " MMMMm , I want more, Ohhh, give it to me now...Please....I want it all!" Pressing up against her, he spreads her thighs, sliding his hard cock into her, he tells her, " I am going to give it to you." And I am not going to wait, I am going to do it right here in the ladies room, so you should hope no one walks in.... for if they do, I will not stop until we are finished. Agreeing to his terms, she nods her head. He pulls out of her, to the tip, thinking he is going to do as before, surprising her he slams into her hot wet pussy, hard and all the way in. Feeling full of him, she steps back into him, begging and moaning, Oh yes.........thats it fuck me hard....harder, Oh yeah give it to me, as he rams it into her harder and harder, he feels her pussy tightening around him, knowing at this rate, he will cum soon, pulling out to the tip again, he whispers to her, give me what I want. I want you to cummm all over this cock. Moving into her slowly for a moment, he knows that if he gives it a another good filling, she will get him good and wet. ...........moving his lips across her neck and his hands on her breast, pinching those nipples lightly, she cries out .........Now..........give it me..............fuck me baby...........fuck me ! Slamming it into her, he feels her getting him totally wet, causing him to fill her pussy full. But knowing that isnt all of his fantasy, he tells her to stand still, lowering himself to his knees, he slides his tongue into her still spasming pussy as he slides his tongue down her clit, feeling her shudder as he tastes their juices mixed together. The two standing there, waiting for the moment to pass, both getting dressed. Looking at each other knowing there will be more fantasies to fulfill. The door opens and the waitress that had served them their drinks , stood there the waitress said well , I figured I would find you here, are you ready for those menus now.

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