The Blindfold Lover......Part 1 of 3  

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The Blindfold Lover......Part 1 of 3


They had met by chance, but fate was about to bring them together. They share something in common, that both was willing to see where it would go and play out. Fantasies were meant to be lived and she was willing to play and he was willing to see that she succeeded at accomplishing her goal. They had chatted for a long time sharing all their fantasies, but now they were planning to live one of those fantasies in life. The two had set a date and a time, and all was it place to make it happen. As the day fast approached they checked the list of things needed to make it happen, making sure they were being safe in what they wanted to do.

They had spoke on the phone several times to make sure she knew what she was to do. Telling her all that he wanted and if his every word was not followed he would leave. Knowing and realizing this was part of the game she wanted to make sure she did everything she was told. He always made sure he called her at the time he told her, and let her know in no uncertain terms she had to answer and in answer to anything he said she had to say yes sir or if asked her name she had to answer with "Cunt", at no time could she answer with her own name. She had to ready herself for the day, she was told she had to shave her pussy, her legs an d had to make sure that she had no clothing in sight when he arrived. His rules , she must obey or there would be no play. So she made sure all was ready, she had the kids go to the library, she laid out the blindfold, and prepared herself for what was to come.

The time had come, she showered, shaved all, and the only clothing that was allowed was the blindfold she was to wear. She put the blindfold on and moved to the livingroom making sure that she unlocked the door, then moving to kneel in front of the couch as instructed and putting the blindfold on. He had stated that he would be there at promptly 5 o'clock and he would walk in and would close the door and undress. As the minutes passed she became somewhat anxious,but yet she was also excited for she knew not what he looked like or anything other than his name........but she had fantizied about this for so long, she was willing to do anything to make it come true. Her every nerve ending was tingling as she sat there waiting, without being able to see, it was as though every sound of the evening was more intense than ever before, she heard the cars passing her apartment building, the noises of the other residence, then she heard a car pull in, knowing it was one belong to anyone near her.

She sat there in suspense, listening as the door opened, hearing the door shut, the lock click into place as he unzipped his pants, hearing it as he lowered it, hearing the change in his pockets jingle as he lowered them to the floor, the shoes thud as he placed them on the floor next to the door. She could feel and hear him as he moved nearer to her, feeling his breathe as he leaned down to place a kiss on her lips, yet never once did he say a word. He had told her he would sit upon the couch and she was to begin to suck his cock, without question, without a word unless he spoke to her or asked her a question. Responding as he had requested, she having to feel her way to take hold of his semi-erect cock, she places her lips gently to the tip, then sliding her tongue across the top or it, getting familiar with him, then taking him slowly into her mouth, slipping her tongue around it as she continued down the length of his hardening cock, as she feels his hand carassing her arm, he asks her...... do you like that cunt, take it all, show me how much you like it, taking this opportuntity to enjoy the game they are playing she takes it all as she moves her hand to find his balls fondling them, hearing his indrawn breath, as she takes hold of them moving her mouth from his hard cock, she takes his balls into her mouth licking upon them and then sucking on them, as he begins to ask her questions about the things she likes, what she would like to have done to her, and how far she is willing to take the game. Not taking the time to answer him, knowing he had told her not to speak unless asked to give an answer. Telling her to stand, he tells her to turn and spread her legs, and bend over at the waist, doing as told, she feels his hands upon her waist as though putting her into a better position, then feeling his hands spread her ass cheeks, as he leans into her kissing each cheek, and letting his finger slide across her tight asshole, feeling him rubbing it gently then letting it go further down and spreading the lips of her pussy, as though checking to see if she is excited from the unknown, sliding his finger into her, finding her wet and hot, he begins to move his finger in and out of her pussy, feeling her excitement build. He says to her......Cunt i am going to fuck you, and i promise you will like it. Telling her to get back on her knees telling her he wants her mouth back on his cock, wants to feel that hot mouth cover and take it all..........she obeys him. Lowering back to the floor she feels him put his hand upon her head, as he guides her back on to his large hard cock, she begins to suck on it and lick it enjoying the fact that she is pleasing him as asked, feeling him harden, she feels him begin to move in and out of her mouth as though he is fucking her mouth in and out..........faster and faster reaching down to pinch her nipples as she feels him pumping faster and harder, feeling that cock begin to spasm knowing he is about to cum, not wanting to cum in her mouth with drawing from it as he spurts his hot juices all over her breast.

He gets up to leave, telling her, i will be back..........keep your phone and blindfold time cunt i will fuck you and i promise you will enjoy every moment of it. Hearing him dressing but not removing the blindfold , he tells her i will contact you in 5 minutes then you may remove you blindfold, but know when i call and come again you will need to do the same things.............hearing the door close she knows she will continue to play....

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your really good

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