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It was a beautiful weekend for a outting to Wilmington, to visit the beaches and whatever other things she could find to enjoy. She needed the time to think and get away from it all. She had made her reservations for the room, had packed her overnight bag, and set her clock for 6 am. She had no intentions of deviating from her plans. She went to bed, laying there wondering if the gentleman she had arranged would show this weekend. Thinking maybe he would, for they had talked about him meeting her there. Had been awhile since they had seen one another. Even though they had planned other exciting things together, they always seem to never work out. She lay there thinking about the last time they had met. She knew that even though most would find what she had done repulsive or against her own, she had enjoyed his friendship, the touches, and the conversations they had on the phone and online. She lay there thinking about the soft caress of his hand thru her hair, the slow sensual touches he placed on her body, as though she was the most beautiful thing he had ever touched, making her wish she were all the things he praised her for being. She remembered the way he slid hiself against her, feeling his hardening manhood against her thigh, as he would slide his way down her body. Knowing she had to get up early to make the beach by 10, she rolled to her side and thought about him as she fell asleep.

The alarm clock going off at 6, she rolled over to shut it off, so as not to wake the others that were sleeping, she rose to take her shower. Starting the water, checking the temperature to make sure it wasnt to hot, she slid her gown off and hung it on the door, as was her narmal routine. Stepping into the shower feeling the cool water as it slid down her body, reminding her of the shower the two had shared at their last meet. Lathering the washclothe with soap, she thought about the last meet again as he had slid the soap down her bady and remembering the feel of him beneath her hands as she had done the same to him, remembering the width and the feel of his body. Again she stopped to wonder why a guy like him would be interested in someone like her. Finishing her shower she stepped out and wrapped the towel around her body, and stepping in to her bedroom to put on her clothing, she had decided to wear her bathingsuit with a pair of black shorts, deciding to be comfortable and ready for the beach when she arrived at her destination. Continuing to dress, she wanted to stay on schedule, she wanted to leave by 7 but no later than 7:15. Dressed and ready to go, she picked up her overnight bag and headed for the door, sneaking out so as not to disturb the others. Stepping out the door, closing it behind her, she stepped over to the car, placing the bag in the back, and getting in. She made sure she had her tapes in the car so she would be able to listen to them. She started the car and pulled from the driveway, heading for the interstate that would take her on her next adventure with this interesting man.

Driving the hundred and so miles to wilmington didnt seem as long as she has thought it had been the last time she had made the trip, only this time she was alone and she looked and watched as the miles rolled by. As she neared wilmington, she began to watch for the roads and signs she had written down the night before as to find the motel she was to stay. Arriving at the motel at 9 knowing that she would not be able to get into the room until later she decided to check in and ride out to the beach. Pulling into the motel parking lot, she stepped from the car, and entered the lobby.... walking up to the desk, she gave them the reservation confirmation number, and payed for the room. The young lady behind the desk confirming she would have to wait abit, she thanked her and tald her she would return in abit. Stepping back out the door, she headed again for the car, and went to look around, she went to do some shopping, then headed for the beach. She decided instead of visiting the same beach as before she wanted to check out another, she headed for Wrightsville Beach.

As she headed for the beach, she watched the scenery go by , watching the fishing boats, sailboats, and the others docked at the small docks along the way. Following the signs to the beach, she road thru the streets in hope of not getting lost but also not really caring, for she was just exploring, something she enjoyed doing but not getting to do often. Arriving at the beach, she stepped from the car making sure she had locked it up and all was secure. She walked over to where she would pay for the space she had parked in, taking the ticket back to place on the car, and turn to the enterance of the beach, realizing that it would be easier to walk in the sand, she kicked off her sandels and walked barefooted watching as she went the waves crashing in on the beach, the people, sitting and fishing, the surfers fighting the rising crashing waves that were building with the storm that was brewing, taking out her camera wanting pictures of the waves and the storm that was brewing overhead feeling the first mist of rain falling around her. Knowing she wouldn't get to be there long but not wanting to leave, feeling the freedom of responsibility fall away even if just for a day, she didnt want to give it up. After about an hour she realized the storm was coming closer and realized she needed to get headed back to the motel. Leaving the beach, she headed back and went into the lobby to retrieve her room key. As she went to park her car, she used her cell phone to send him the room number, letting him know that she was there, and in hopes that he would be able to join her. Getting out of the car she went to the room, turning on the television, and sitting on the bed, trying to decide what she wanted to do while she waited., watching the movie on the television, she enjoyed the relaxation, and the quietness of the room, the movie ending, she decided to take a shower, when the phone rang, answering it in hopes that it would be him.
Hearing his voice on the phone she knew that her question was about to be answered. Would he or wouldn't he make it this time? Listening to his voice on the phone had her excited. As they spoke and told her he would arrive in about 45 mins. She hung up the phone and entered the shower wanting to make sure she had the sand off. Coming out of the shower she sat on the end ot the bed, trying to decide if she wanted to meet him at the door with only a tshirt and her undies, or if she would be in her shorts and a tshirt. Deciding she didnt want to seem over anxious, she put on her tshirt and shorts and began watching the television.

Hearing a knock on the door, she got up off the bed where she had been laying, and answered it. Opening the door, she saw him, inviting him in. Standing there starting the conversation with a hello and how are you, asking if he had any problems finding her. Telling her no problems at all, he steps closer, reaching to give her a hug, knowing he cant just stop with the hug he bends his head towards her, touching his lips to hers letting his tongue touch her lips lightly, not forcing, but giving her the option of continuing and making the kiss longer and deeper. Accepting his invitation, she opens her mouth a bit giving him the access he is craving, as she is craving and wanting more of his kiss, wanting to see if the fire is there from their prior meet. Feeling the same intense pleasure that she had felt before, she knows that this will be better than the last time, for the nervousness is gone and only excitement remains. The two breaking away from the kiss, he looks down at her, telling her he is so glad that they could work it out to get together again. That he has thought about it and wished for it to happen. Asking her if it is okay for him to remove his shirt, she nods at to him that is. Removing his shirt she remembers why she agrees so quickly, he is wide in the shoulders and chest, knowing this is a man who is diligent in his efforts to remain in good shape, slim in the hips but yet muscular, standing there watching him, knowing she wants to feel those arms enclose her, knowing that even though he looks like he can break a board in half, she knows the gentleness that he has in those arms.

The two sitting on the end of the bed talking and laughing, he reaches over running his hand smoothly down her arm and onto her leg, unable to resist the idea to touch her. Standing he removes the rest of his clothing, then reaching for her, he begins to kiss her gently, removing her t-shirt, taking his time to linger looking at her breast, moving his hand up to cup one of them in his hand, letting his fingers trail over her nipple, watching it as it begins to pucker and harden, leaning down to take it in his mouth running his tongue across it, then moving to the other, taking the nipple into his warm mouth and sucking it gently. Moving to the other to give it the same attention, as she begins to move her slide her hand across his head as though encouraging him to take all he wants, arching her back giving him better access to the two globes. Sliding his hands down her body he removes her shorts and undies wanting to feel their bodies together, touching and sharing all. Moving to the bed he lays her upon it, moving in to lay next to her, taking her in his arms, sliding his hands down and across her bady, as though soothing a child, watching every emotion or look that crasses her face, his voice low, speaking to her, his hand reaching her smooth shaved pussy, sliding his hand across her, letting his fingers slide down her slit, gently opening her to the feel of his fingers, he begins to massage her clit, knowing that what he really wants is to get down there and feel her move against his tongue as he licks and sucks on that hardening clit, moving downwards he opens her legs and moves down to take that clit with his hot warm tongue, flicking it gently, then taking the clit into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it, tasting her, as he slides his finger into her slippery wet pussy, as he gets deeper into her and is now licking and sucking on her, he hears her begin to moan lightly, as she moves her hand to the top of his head, wordlessly begging him to give her more, she begins to move and arch against his mouth, as she wants to move away, but yet is drawn to him, wanting to find that which he knows she can not resist. As she moans louder, he knows that she is getting close, he renews his licking and sucking of her clit, harder and fingering her deeper, feeling her tense knowing that she is cumming, delving into her once more, as he tastes the essence of her center. Moving back up next to her, he lays there with her cuddled in his arms, while she is now fondling his manhood, knowing what is to come, he waits for her to take the lead, she slides down his body, she looks up at him, grinning, as she slides her tongue across the tip of his hard cock, taking her time and moving it around the tip, tasting his pre-cum, then moving her mouth over his cock taking it slowly at first working her way down it, taking it all, as she runs her long nails gently across his balls, getting into what she is doing she begins to tighten around him moving up and down his shaft wanting more and more, playing with him, she moves her mouth off his cock as she goes lower to take his balls in her mouth, sucking on them lightly, as her hand continues to play with his cock, as he lays there enjoying all that she is doing, he knows that he wants to feel his hard cock buried deep inside her, raising up to move her into position, he slides between her legs, probing at her, as he finds the place sliding his long hard cock into her now dripping pussy, staying still inside of her, just feeling her tightening the walls around him, slowly beginning to move, as he watches her, and feels her moving her nails gently across his shoulders and chest, he lifts her legs higher, going deeper into her, as he begins to move inside her harder and deeper, hearing her moans, as they come together as one in the moment of time, knowing he cant hold back he rams his hard cock deeper, then sliding out to the tip, teasing her abit, then sliding back into that tightening pussy, knowing that she is nearing completion once again, he moves in and out of her faster, reaching the same heightened pleasure as she, they both cum together, as she tightens around him on last time, he shoots his load deep inside, unable to move for a moment, as the two lay there looking at one another knowing this was only one of whatever they can fit into the next few hours...............

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