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The day was starting out beautiful, the sky was a bright blue, the sun was shining brightly in all of its glory, the sand on the beach was getting warm. The there was not a cloud in the sky. She sat in her motel room wondering what she would do with herself today, it was her vacation and she was in the mood to do something wild and crazy, but knew it was not in her personality. She sat thinking about all the things she would like to do, making a mental list of them........ go for a walk on the beach, check out the small local shops, find a little out of the way resturant , maybe take in a national battlefield if there was one close enough. This being just a few of the things she would like to do, but knowing the kids would want to spend most of their time in the pool or at the beach. But not a problem she was use to adventuring out on her own and enjoyed doing so.

The kids were now sleeping in the next room and not wanting to disturb them, she decided choosing clothes for the day and a shower would be a good beginning. Walking over to the clothes rack looking at the things she had brung with her, she chose a pair of jean shorts, and a yellow halter, deciding today would be a braless day, she wanted to be comfortable , and knew from the sunshining outside that it was going to be a hot day. Having layed out her clothes for the day, she went into the bathroom and adjusted the water to the temp that she liked and then pulled her gown off, stepping into the shower, feeling the water run over her body, moving her head back letting her hair get wet, closing her eyes just enjoying the quiet of the morning. Realizing the water would soon get cold , she began to lather the shampoo into her hair, rinsing it out, and reaching for the bar of soap, sliding the soap smoothly across her body, imagining it was the hands of the man she had dreamed of the night before. Knowing who her dream lover was in her dream didnt matter, for they were friends but she realized , there was alot in the way, with jobs , kids, and everything else that seem to be going on for them. But this did not stop her imagination from thinking of the things they could be doing together, the touches , the feelings , and the sharing of bodies. The more she thought about him the more she could feel his hands touching the places she had slid the soap. Realizing the water was getting cold, she rinsed the soap away, and stepped from the shower, wrapping the towel around her. Stepping back into the bedroom, she began to dress.

After dressing and checking on the kids, she decided to take a walk down on the beach. To have a few more quiet moments to think and relax. As she walked down the hillside, heading for the long, white streetch of sand at the bottom, she thought about the dream she had the night before, wondering if she could actually find a man that could help her find the deep running desire that she had suppressed nearly all her life. She knows that if she ever found that man, he could release her from the chains that have held her back. As she thought this she realized he might tie her up. And that she would enjoy also.

She continued on her walk looking around her, taking in the beauty that surrounded her, reaching the bottom, she thought about takinga swim, but forgetting to bring her swimsuit, she was afraid that someone might come along. As the sun and the sand got warmer, she decided she would take her chances. The water looked so cool and inviting that she just could notresist the chance to enjoy the clear blue water. As she began to take her clothes off, she looked around to make sure she was alone, not realizing she wasn't she continued,until she was completely naked, then stepping into the cool water, until she was waist deep, feeling the waves splash around her.

The man stood at the top of the hillside watching as the woman walked down the hill towards the beach, wondering why such a lovely lady seemed to be alone, when one such as she should have her lover at her side. Continuing to watch he as she reached the beach. He stood there watching as she roamed the beach as though thinking but yet enjoying the solitude that seem to surround her. Noticing that she was now looking around as though making sure she was alone he watched her as she began to undress and stepping into the surf as the waves surrounded her. He noticed that she was enjoying the water. He thought about how he w0uld like to be the man at her side, playing in the water, how he would love to be touching her body in all the right places, causing her to moan and wanting to hear her beg him for more as their bodies came together. Before he realized what he was doing he had started down the hillside, following the same path she had taken on her walk.

The woman thinking she was still alone stepped from the water, deciding to lay on the beach to soak up some of the sunrays, as she lay there, she began to think of her dream once again, she began to run her hands over her body, she thoughtof the man in her dream, as she did, she moved her hands to her stomach, moving them slowly up to her breast, she began to squeeze and fondle them as though her lover was the one that was handling her body as though it were a finely tuned instrument. She moved her hands down her body further, as she did, her thighs seem to open of their own accord, she placed her hand between her thighs, to the spot she knew was aching and waiting for the right touch, She was so deep into her thoughts and actions, that she didn't realize that she was no longer alone.

The man had reached the spot where the woman layed on the sand. As he stood there watching her, he wished it was his hands on her, instead of hers. He stood there having this thought, he heard her beginning to whimper and moan, he realized he could not stand there watching and listening, even though watching her was causing him to tighten in the area of his pants. He liked watching her please herself but he wanted to be part of it, he had to be part of it. He wanted to be the one causing those whimpers and moans, the one to bring her to her ultimate height of pleasure.

He began to undress, realizing when he got dowen to his jeans, that she was watching him. Lifting her arms to him, waiting and taking in every movement as thought he would disappear. As he layed down beside her, she whispered, be my dream lover, release me from my chains, so that i might soar above the world. He took her in his arms, beginning to carass all the places he had wanted to touch, as he had watched. He began to kiss her knowing he had to have all of her. As he kissed her, he moved his hands to her breast caressing and lightly pinching her nipples, when this was no longer enough he bagan to suckle her as though he was a starving man. Continuing to carass her body, until he knew he needed more, he moved his hand further down, placing his hand over her mound. Knowing he had to feel her wetness, he seperated the lips of her pussy as he inserted his finger so gently and deeply that she could not hold still, she juset had to move. She moved against his hand as he moved his finger, then fingers, in and our to the tempo of the waves, rubbing her clit, knowing that she was about to reach the first of many organisms to come. As she hit that first, he seperated her thighs and moved his lips down her body until he reached her pussy, which he began to kiss and suckle, she moved as she had never before dreamed of moving, but she couldn't stop, she grabbed his head pushing and pulling lightly, begging him to her her with his tongue. He dide as she begged, he held her hips so shes could not move away for he knew , he was going to tasste all of her sweetness, and she twisted, moaned, and fucked his tongue until she could hold back no longer, she came and came, still he would not withdrawl. she reached to draw him up so that she could kiss his lips, she wanted to taste herself on his lips.

She then pulled him down beside her, she began to kiss and caress him, she wanted to set him free, the same as he had for her. She worked her way down his body, until she reached his long, thick cock between his legs, she then went slowly at first to licking around the top, working slowly down the length and back up again, her hand slowly playing and rubbing his balls she takes him in her mouth, moving up and down his cock, she takes all of him finding a rythm that she knows he is more than enjoying, he begins to fuck her mouth, not to slow, but also not fast, she tightens her mouth around him just enough that he thinks it could almost ber her wet, hot pussy. Not really thinking he lays her on her back, lifting her legs and sperating them he enters her very, very slowly until she has taken all of him inside of her. He begins to move in and out slowly until he can't do anything but increase the tempo to the point that she is begging him to move faster and harder, where she feels that burning heat coming to the top, knowing as she closes around himtightly that this will be the release of her life and of her dreams. Their sweating bodies rythm matchung, him pumping until she opens her eyes, raking her nails down his back, reaching his buttocks, holding him still inside of her as she begins to cum, and as he begins to cum, together as one.

He rolls to the side, kissing her, caressing her, knowing that this was a first and a last time for them, for as he lays ther with her, she whispers to him....."please just your first name so that i may dream and remember my time on this beach with the man who game me the desire to reach for the ultimate climax, and then get up and walk away." He whispered his name and released her, getting dressed knowing that she has done the same for him, as he turns around to leave , he says ....."please just your name." She looks at him and says Thank you and has a heavenly contented smile upon her face.

After he has left, she knows that the time has come to go back , dressing and thinking about the stranger, she knows they shall never know more of each other. That they will each remember the beach, but she also knows that as she had thought about her dream lover at the time, she knew he had done the same. They were there together when the ones they truely seeked we no more than a dream.

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great read.................thanks

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