DreamNNAngel is dreamingggggggg  

dreamnnangel 69F
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8/17/2005 3:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

DreamNNAngel is dreamingggggggg

I'm looking for that man who can help fullfill my dreams of love & lust! I lust after a man who can make me feel hot, hot, hot! Touch me in all the right places and make me feel hot and cum. I like my man to suck my pussy and fuck me hard. I like to be spanked. I'm just a lil girl looking for her Daddy.......could you be him?

rm_pman1954 62M

8/17/2005 5:47 pm

Hey Angel, Where are you located? My penis is pulsating from reading your "cry for help". Listen to me, lay down on your back across your bed. Are you there yet? Now put a pillow under your hips and spread those fine legs of yours as wide as you can. Are you ready? Now close your eyes and let me have control of your thoughts. Insert your right index finger into your MOUTH, and slowly suck on it and get it very wet! How's that? Take your left hand and start to explore your body from your mouth, down your neck, slowly now, across your upper torso, but DON'T TOUCH THOSE BREASTS, those are mine. Continue to move down to your belly button, insert a finger in here gently. With just your finger tips, slowly move your hand across your belly, and down your left thigh, but don't touch that beautiful pussy!!! Now take that wet finger of your right hand and slowly rim your anus with it! Try and work your finger in just a little, and imagine my tongue darting in and out! Now put your left index finger in your Mouth and get it nice and wet! Slowly take this finger and start to tease your clit with it!! This is where I would start to suck, and nibble, and tease your pussy with my tongue, in and out, in and out, round and round, in and out...... down to your anus and flick it with my tongue. Up and down, from pussy to anus use that finger to explore those regions, back and forth in and out, taking your hand and start to bub little circles around your clit, slowly at first, a little faster now, slow down a bit, touch your anus again, slip your finger in and out of there slowly.... can you feel my hot breath on your pussy now? Do you feel my erect penis throbbing with anticipation? How does my penis feel as I rub it gently across your pussy? Now how does it feel as I slide my rock hard penis across your throbbing anus? Arch your hips higher as you prepare to receive this blood engorged tool of mine into that fire pit that is swelling with anziety as you are catapulted to another realm as wave after wave of intense desire, pleasure, anticipation, and wonder are released as you have mutiple orgasms. Before you can catch your breath, I slide back down to your love nest and suck on your pulsing clit, as you scream out in ecstacy as another wave rides over your heaving body. Just as you are shuddering from this intense climax, I grab both of your ankles, hold them up high and RAM my stiff penis once more into the depths of your love canal. You convulse uncontrollably as I shoot a large load of love juice into your steaming depths, and you start to cry, because for the first time someone cares about your feelings more than their own! As you lay there satiated, I go and get a warm towel to wash your body, and help cool you off a bit, so we can lay there in each others arms, talking, necking, listening to each others bodies as we get ready for another love session. I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

dreamnnangel 69F

8/18/2005 6:25 pm

So many folks like me........mmmmmmmm....that are not afraid to say they like to fuck!! I mean, this is WHAT makes the world go around! Fucking, fucking, fucking.....thats how we all got here, right? Come chat with me and tell me what YOU LOVE!!! I aim to please too. I'm still hot. My pussy is soooooooo horny!! Guess I will need to pleasure myself again......sigh.....I will get back to you!

gudulkaman 67M

8/20/2005 1:01 am

...your breath is a little eratic
...as i caress you with my eyes
...a warm smiling gaze lingers
...on those treasures.

closer, i move. i inhale you.
your scent fills me. i close
my eyes and inhale again.

..oh, goddess. may i taste you?
..your nectar, so sweet?
..every precious drop?

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