Being revealed in public  

dreamlova19 29M
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7/19/2006 9:48 am
Being revealed in public

As a drag queen, it is a golden rule to tape up your male area. I knew this but never really obliged to it until I was set straight (in a sense). It was a surprisingly warm May afternoon, and I had nothing to do. i usually wear women's panties regurarly, however i never have the time to go completely drag. But since I was home from school, and had the house to myself (and damn near the entire neighborhood), I decided to get dressed in drag.
While fitting my skirt to my man hips (they're finally coming), I noticed juices flowing within my body and my man area. Since I believed it was just excitement, I pressed down on my area since that generally relieves tension. In addition, I was in a rush, i didn't want to bee seen walking through the backyard by the neighbors, they may become suspicious.
So I made sure I was beautiful and decided to dash out. While leaving the sudden urge to pee came across me. but I simply said I could hold it as I was only going to a clothing store nearby. As I got in the car, my urge to pee become greater, but i go to the store dry.
In the store, I was surprised there weren't as many people there. I simply walked in preparing to browse a few items when I saw a cute gentlemen eyeing me. Considering I had (and still have...aargh) a virgin ass, and he was handsome: I would definately try to make him believe I was the girl of his wildest dreams. So I begin to switch harder, and make sure my ass was pointed in his direction, while giving him looks, and continously dropping things (so I could bend over slightly and retrieve them). However my urge to pee was growing and this guy was suddenly getting me excited.
Suddenly I was trapped with my groin pressed against a dress on the clothing rack...and this prince was walking my way. I was stuck, My bladder was growing while my dick was pressing against my boyshorts. I somehow managed to lift my penis so it was facing upright,and touching my chest before the gentlemen reached me. he greeted me with "Hello." I answered back, and we began small talk. I didn't want to lose him, but I really had to go , now. So, as we kept talking my dick slipped somewhat to a horizontal position and was facing left. The guy hadn't noticed though. He then began making jokes, but my bladder was almost at its boiling point. As I attempted to turn slightly to adjust my penis while moving a little bit to keep my bladder in control, he believed he said something extremely funny. When doing so, he gave me a generous tap on my shoulder. I lost it.
My pee began to flow and my dick was pointing through my skirt. While I screamed, he shouted out that I was a guy. Basically, I embarassed myself, didn't the guy, and convinced myself to never enter the store again. I did learn, though, that when in drag...TAPE UP.

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