Friends, partners and lovers  

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Friends, partners and lovers

Friends, partners and lovers…

What motivates us to seek out these types of relationships outside the family unit? Like the old saying, “You can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your friends”? I don’t quite agree with this statement, being of a different belief and perspective of the journey of the soul but… this is a matter for a later discussion and most likely not to everyone’s belief system. To get back on track, I would guess there could be several reasons (for seeking relationships) but most may fall into a few categories. I have already stated before, in another essay, that I believe the purpose of all souls is to learn and grow for God. This “purpose”, I think, could be accomplished in several ways depending on our choices from the menu we have before us. This menu I speak of is strictly personal and I don’t believe any two are the same. Every individual changes the menu with their growth and learning. So it’s a never-ending smorgasbord of adventure. That is if you “choose” to see it that way.

Every action causes a reaction and so it is with life. We have debts to pay and promises to keep which we create for ourselves in order to learn and grow. All this happens within our belief systems that we have at the present moment. When we change our belief systems, we change our menus. Hence, the adventure… isn’t it great!!? I think boredom is the biggest sin on the planet. Am I condoning licentious and disrespectful behavior? If you have read any of my other writings you would already know the answer to this question. If not, the answer is NO. The belief system I try to live my life from is motivated by Love. You have to realize that “my” thoughts about the word may not always agree with your ideas but that’s OK. We all “choose” our own thoughts and I’m not here trying to convert anyone one way or another. That’s not my purpose in life. I’m just throwing these things out there and you can make up your own mind what you want to believe or not. I am the same way. When something new is presented to me, I take what feels good and right for me, as an individual, and leave the rest. That’s all any of us can do.

Now back to the basic motivations. I think there is only a few basic underlying motivations why people seek out one another. Love and sex, money and security or companionship and shared interests. This may be linked to karma, debts or promises or they may be new beginnings. It all depends on what’s going on with your life but this is what I have as my understanding at the moment.

Mmmmm, Love… What a grand ideal the word carries with it. But Love can be tough at times too and not seem like love at all at the moment. Especially when you’re going through a hard time and it forces you to face yourself and your reality and you need to do it on your own without anyone’s help. Sorta like I feel myself going through at the moment. I was once told that we would not be given anything we cannot handle. I don’t always agree with this thought but apparently I am still here so there may be something to it.

Ahhhh, SEX! To be touched and held and pleasured in such a way to bring us to orgasmic delight! I used to have those moments fairly often. Those moments seem to be few and far between as of late. Age, wisdom and natural selection has narrowed down my choices. Anyone wanna “do” me? (grins) Just had to throw that out there.

money and security… something we all would like to have. How much you need is a personal choice. Depends on your belief system. If you read my profile though, there’s a quote there from a song by the artist, Seal. It goes like this: “when there’s nothing left to buy, it’s only love that gets you high”. I like that quote. It embodies an ideal that I can relate to. I look at it something like this… when you’ve reached your comfort zone as far as the material is concerned, there is nothing else that will satisfy you except… LOVE. Where do you stand with the money/love connection? It’s your choice.

Companionship and shared interests I think is what keeps most couples together. A mutual understanding and enjoyment of one another with ideals that are not necessarily the same but complementary to one another. Honor, trust and a “real” love of the individual as a person without too much concern for the superficial concerns of life, sounds like a match made in heaven.

So now… what are your motivations?

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