How long is too long?  

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6/5/2006 4:31 pm

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How long is too long?

Gotcha! You're probably thinking I'm thinking about length...of a member but nope...I'm talking about length of time.

I remember this time with a friend of mine: the first time we had sex. It was a great encounter involving cold whipped cream to spice things up. We ended up fucking and sucking each other for about 5 hours without pause. I'm thinking this is great cuz I never heard any woman want a one minute man.

Lo and behold another time with another girl and we barely had sex for more than 10 minutes.
Hey don't look at me with an upraised brow cuz it ain't my idea to stop after such a short time. She couldn't take it for more than 10 minutes. Slow, fast, doggystyle, spoon, reverse spoon, missionary, side by side. none of these variations helped. She loved the foreplay though(...My tongue is a gift to ladies ...but that's another story!)
Needless to say things were quite awkward because of this.

To the one minute men out there don't be grim. there is hope for you yet with the right woman.
To the ladies who like long passionate energy filled sexual events look no further as I stand here waiting for YOU.
To the ladies who who don't like long sessions...I am still standing for you. I don't discriminate...

Ladies how long do you like it?

P.S since is not on the standard member's side I've decided to post my email address here: frankwhite3rd at


I'm lookin for a lady who is
pretty, witty, girly, whirly
one who likes to party but come home early
light kinda dark, short sorta tall
slim, kinda thick I swear I love 'em all


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