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6/29/2006 2:54 pm

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7/1/2006 12:41 pm


Well redlion,

Ah glad u is one trini and caribbean man dat luv he dialect...and ah will follow longside u for dis post here.

Lemme explain de ting ah have wid man and dem...ah luv dem bad bad but ah like de pussy too....esp one dat have some nice titties to suck an ting...and one dat want to suck me as well..is a mutual ting...eh...

Back to de men...I figure ah go try de cples and ladies for now...but ah doan mind de comments and de mails..bring it...see if u could challenge to change...me nah promise nuttin...

Ok for those that do not understand the dialect..let me translate...

I respect redlion for being a man that likes to speak dialect esp. since he is trini and from the caribbean. Using him as a role model, I will write this post in dialect.

Let me explain my current profile preference of women and cples only. I love men..a lot and I love the pussy too, esp when there are a nice pair of tits to suck and a woman that wants to suck as well..it is a mutual thing.

About the men..I have decided for now to stick to the ladies and cples for now but I do not mind getting the emails and the comments...i like the challenge to get me to change but I am not promising anything.

Laterz ppl

ReddTriniLion 38M

6/30/2006 10:54 pm

OOOOOOHHH a challenge okay was yuh e-mail .YUH know i eh cater wid meh dialeck trini TUH d bone. And tell me what's ur sign? U gemini,fiery aries what what doh keep meh in suspense drea and i eh mind meeting up,meeting of the mind and of course punana,mmmmmmm chocolate punana. Lemme translate now.

A challenge? Okay, WHat's your e-mail. You know i LOOVVVVVVE my dialect. Patriotic trini. And by the way drea what's ur sign? Gemini,fiery ARies.Do not have me in suspense. AHHHHH the minds doth intertwine and Both shall meet and come hither and The PUNANI CHOCOLATe is a fine delicacy that i want to taste with every inch of thy tongue lady drea.

wantasuckerman 37F

7/21/2006 8:49 pm

LOL. well gf. u lookin for females and cples. personally, i'm trying one thing at a time. i would really want one day to try a 3some but of course it will have to be with a couple i'm sexually attracted to. a guy with a thick cock and a woman with a pair or sweet tits and big ass

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