Long week  

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12/17/2005 1:44 am

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Long week

Been a while since I’ve updated. Been a busy week. We did quite a few bonds in three different cities (Cut Bank, Shelby and Conrad) with a few around the rest of the state. Lots of good learning experiences, lots of different situations, so I’m getting great training for when I get down to Bozeman.

On the gay front, or rather, lack of, it’s been frustrating trying to meet some guys to have some fun with. Everyone seems to be lots of miles away, and the ones close to here won’t send pics. I’ve been there and done that with no pics and really fuzzy pics and so far I’ve had NO luck whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe here it will be different. I understand a good portion of guys are still in the closet and don’t want people to know, but it is frustrating. All part of being back in Montana I guess. But I’m hoping that I can at least have some better luck once I reach Bozeman. Plus with the friends thing, I don’t feel like expending energy here to make friends just to leave next month (hopefully) to go to Bozeman. So I’ve been trying to chat with people in the Bozeman/Missoula/Billings areas and that has been going okay so far.

I’m on dial up right now and on Monday, getting cable modem…… HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Then I can at least leave my profiles on for longer than an hour when I have to get off the phone so I can do business! It’s the simple things like that that I have missed being in this small city life.

One thing I have really missed is just hanging with my friends, going out with them or staying in, drinking and watching a movie and whatever. Family is great, but not the same as friends.

That’s all for now. Off to chat.

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