Finally in Bozeman  

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2/3/2006 3:52 pm

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Finally in Bozeman

February 03 2006 Thought it was time to update this now that I’m officially in Bozeman!!! Yeeeeeha!!! I finally have a place all lined up, moving in on the 10th of February, got all the business stuff taken care (save one thing which I will do on Monday), other than that, I am open for business for Bail Bonding in Bozeman and Livingston! Currently looking for friends, fun, friends for fun, and of course I wouldn’t say no to Mr. Right! A little background on me: it has been an interesting past couple of months. From Fort Lauderdale where I went through a couple hurricanes, including Wilma where I did not have power for 11 days (got it back three days before I moved) and then drove from Florida to Montana. In Montana, a couple of days after I arrived, we had snow, below zero temperatures, and high winds…was not used to that LOL I came back to Montana in mid-November to help my folks get things caught up from the past couple of months when they both had not been feeling well. I used to live in Montana from 93 to 96 and it is interesting being back after almost 10 years of being in bigger cities (Seattle from 96 to 04 and Fort Lauderdale from beginning of 04 to November 05). It has been and continues to be an adjustment (both culture and temperature-wise) but I am enjoying it so far. Now that I am back on my own and starting the new business my stress levels have gone up a bit after dropping considerably. I am working on handling my stress in better ways, am more confident, and am actually dealing with life instead of just hiding from it. And now that I am starting to deal with life I am realizing how much my perceptions truly color and taint how I deal with life and especially people. So now I am in a constant quest to look at my perceptions and HOW LIFE IS (according to me and the world) and question the validity of those perceptions. Yet I also have this tendency to go into this all or nothing routine and I have to keep reminding myself to look for balance rather than totality. My best friend and I had a talk a about six months ago and we looked into why I am still single since he knows I am a great guy with a lot to offer (his words, not mine ). My answer was because I was picky, but after we both began picking apart the pickiness it came down to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of opening up to another person, fear of being hurt again, fear of not knowing how to go on an actual date that did not end up in sex, fear, fear, yada, yada. --There is nothing to fear but fear itself.-- Words to remember. I guess what I am searching for are friends to help in the search for experiencing life in ways unimaginable and wondrous as well as special men to bond with emotionally and physically that remind me that fear is just a word we created for a sensation that keeps us safe, sound and stagnant and with luck one of those friendships will develop into something much deeper.

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2/19/2008 11:38 pm

Hi,Best of luck in Bozemen. Thanks for the network connection. Your a stud, sweet face, hot goatee, enourmous uc tool.

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