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11/28/2005 10:42 pm

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I know this may come across as hokey...but I wanted to share a recent experience.

Met a guy through IMC...we only chatted for a couple of minutes and were "disconnected"...were unable to reconnect. We exchanged winks for a day or so before I realized, he was a standard member and unable to initiate contact with me. So because I found our inital correspondence via IMC interesting, I opted to contact him first. Something I never do. Anyway, we seemed to hit it off right away. He asked for my phone number and proceeded to call, email, and IM with me for a week. He also proceeded to tell me how much he liked me, how sexy I was, how sexy my voice was, and that he was interested in pursuing more with me if things went well when we met. I was open to whatever happened...I don't fuck with fate. Anyway, we planned to meet that following weekend. Throughout our correspondence prior to meeting, he reiterated how much he liked me, how anxious and excited he was to see me, how I had something special going for me because he does not travel the distance he was planning to for "just anybody." He also reminded me repeatedly that this was NOT a "one night stand," as if that was all he wanted, he would remain in his home town for that. Now, mind you, I did not reciprocate all these endearments. I merely thanked him and told him I looked forward to meeting.

The day prior to meeting, he phoned several times to inquire "Is it Sunday yet?" referring to his anticipation in meeting me. When he arrived, he immediately told me "You ARE pretty!", pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. This continued for some time and ultimately led to bed. Afterward, he continued to emphasize all the previous notions he had about me...was very affectionate and attentive...and we carried on a fairly decent conversation. However, I enjoyed his "company" via email/IM/telephone more than in person. He seemed a little different.

Upon his exiting, he again kissed and hugged me passionately and the last words from his mouth were "You are so sexy! I'll call you tomorrow?" as if to ask if it was OK and what I wanted. I agreed as I felt that he deserved another opportunity to "win me over."

Needless to say I'm sure, this jackass has not called, emailed, etc. since then...two weeks ago! Some would say I was naive. Some would say "what an ass!" However, I just have to say, what in the hell makes some one LIE like that? I mean, if he merely wanted a piece of ass, why didn't he just say so? I am astonished at the lengths this schmuck went to in order to get laid! I mean, seriously...LOOK AT THIS SITE WE ARE ALL A PART OF! It's not! Chances are pretty good that I would've fucked him WITHOUT all the fake niceties! And I honestly believe that IF he had not fed me all that bullshit and never called or emailed, I would be totally OK with it!

Now this creep has caused me to be even more skeptical of those I encounter. Nothing's worse than a liar!

slippery_1969 47M

12/14/2005 10:59 pm

Well, I am going to tell you that I have been thinking about your situation and I have been through this one night stand thing. I don't it anymore, because, it takes a very shallow person to do that and I grew out of that years ago.
I would love meet someone special and have an immediate connection, but, that doesn't usually work that way. All I can suggest is just keep looking. Good Luck!!

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