Nice to meet you.  

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9/16/2005 1:11 pm

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Nice to meet you.

Part 2

I ask you to "just lay back and rub your pussy for me.", as I unzip my shorts and pull out my throbbing cock. Pe-cum drips from it's tip and forms a rivulet down my shaft, my hand slowly sliding up and down its vieny length. my eyes are glued on you, as you slide your fingers first over your clit then into the entrance of your pussy. You start with one finger and as your passion increases you start to press two fingers deep inside yourself. the wet sounds of your plunging and my stroking fill the car. I can feel my balls start to tighten, you moans only add to my fire. I have to stop and just watch you make yourself cum again. Is stroke your leg as your hips lift off the seat and you hold your fingers inside you hot cunt. your body convulsing around your improvised cock. We both set there looking at each other trying to catch our breath. I pull you towards me for a soft kiss, our hands cupping each others faces. The kiss becomes more passionate and your hand moves to cover my sticky shaft. your tongue presses into my mouth while you slowly stroke me. I pull away and give you a little peck, then gently press your head toward my waiting cock. You adjust yourself on the seat and lower your mouth over my pre-cum coated head. I moan as I feel the heat of your mouth envelope me, your tongue slowly dancing around the bottom of my shaft. You hand and head move over me, and I groan as you take my member deeper into your mouth. I press my hand to the back of your head and hold you deep onto my cock. I gently move my hips sliding myself in and out of the back of your mouth. I can feel my seed rising, the head of cock swells, and start to suck harder. with a groan, and my fingers twined in your hair I pull your head away from my pulsing manhood. You just whimper and move up to share a kiss.

"It is so hot in here", I laugh " why don't we go outside for a while". You just reach over and open the door. your skirt is around your waist as you get out and move to the back of the car. It is so dark and the only noise is the sound of the traffic on the highway. we embrace and share a kiss. I rub your bare ass as your stoke me. "now what you ask", I just smile and turn you around so you face the trunk of the car. I press on your shoulders with one hand and undo my shorts with the other. "oh I see", you moan as my shorts hit the ground and your hand touch the cool metal of the trunk. You move your legs further apart and lean forward, sticking your beautiful ass up in the air. I stoke my cock, spreading the pre cum over the head and shaft, as I ease up behind you. You rub your seam and reach back between your legs to guide me into you. We both groan as I enter you. "you are so wet", I say, and you respond you made me that way", and push back against me, forcing inches of my dick deeper into you. I reach down and grab your hips, with one plunge I slide all the way inside you, and stop. "wow, feels good" is all I can whisper. you just wiggle on the tip of my throbbing shaft. I slowly pull out and start a easy rhythm. You groan and push back meeting my stokes. the sound of our bodies meeting fills the air. I quicken my pace and the depth of my strokes. Your legs start to quiver and you gasp for air as your body starts to convulse. Your legs can barely support you as I press all the way into you forcing you to lay face first on the trunk of the car. I take a few more stokes, feeling the muscles of your cunt contract around my pulsing cock. I stand still just enjoying the sensation, listening to your ragged breath. Your hands reach back to cup my ass pulling me deeper into you, and gently move against me as the last of your orgasm passes.

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