Nice to meet you.  

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9/15/2005 2:16 pm

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Nice to meet you.

part 1

we meet in the restaurant parking lot, the night is cool but not cold. The stars are just coming out as I walk up to greet you. I smile as I give you a hug hello. "it is nice to finally meet you" you say, " do you want to go in for coffee or do you want to go some where else?". "lets go somewhere else" I say as I tug your hand. We move to my car (a big caprice) and leave the lot. "where do you want to go?" you ask as you adjust yourself in the seat. I look down at your skirt, and put my hand on your knee as I pull into traffic. "I don't really know, I haven't been here but once. I did see some place as I was driving up the highway."" you want to go some where private?" i ask. " that would be fine" you say with a little smile on your face. my hand is stroking the inside of your leg as I drive. You move with nervous energy as my hand slides further up your leg. I can feel the heat rolling out the end of your skirt as my hand eases under the denim material. your legs part, and you slide further down the seat to allow me to feel the smoothness of your inner thigh. As we come to a stop light my hand makes contact with the moist folds of your shaven mound. A slight moan escapes your lips as I run my finger along the seam of your love. You push your hips against my hand and say" no panties just like you asked for." " yes, and very wet as well" I reply with a lear. My finger easily slides inside you as traffic starts to move, slowly moving just inside your entrance, up to you clit and back.

I pull my hand away to turn into a subdivision that is being constructed. "I saw this from the road, it seems like a good spot" I remark as we circle past the entrance to check it out. "aren't you worried about cops and stuff" you ask. "It is so dark back there no one will see, besides we will be all the way in the back and we will see anyone coming into the site.", I say as I drive around the barricade. At the very back of the subdivision I back into a dead end street giving us a very of the darkened work area. You adjust the seat as I turn the car of, leaving just the radio playing in the tension filled car. I can smell your sex in the air, and feel your nervousness as I reach over to touch your leg. You respond by pulling your skirt higher and spreading your legs apart. your desire is obvious as my hand inches closer to you mound. you place your hand on top of mine and guide it to your clit, moving my hand up and down over the sensitive spot. I slip a finger inside you pressing it in all the way, rubbing my palm against your clit at the same time. I quicken my pace as I pump in and out of your. you start to pant with excitement, a slow, soft groan escapes your lips. Your hips buck, and your thighs tighten around my arm as you have your first orgasm of the night. I just press my finger deeper inside you and hold it there as your pussy pulses around my digit. "MMMM that was a really nice start." you say as you lean forward to give me a little kiss.

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