Afternoon delight.  

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8/26/2005 10:15 am

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Afternoon delight.


Some thing I have done that is very good is to tie my partner to the bed (gently and loosely) both hand and foot. I have her spread so I have access to her whole body. I blind fold her, and put head phones on her so she is totally deprived of any sensation but my touch. I put on sexy music in the headphones and make her wait a moment (anticipation heightens the fun). The slowly from her feet I gently stoke her skin. Soft kisses, licks, and touches. I work my way to her face avoiding all her pleasure spots, but coming very close to them. I kiss her teasingly, then work my way back down to her feet. Only this time I touch her breasts, licking her nipples till they are hard. I kiss, and lick around her pubic mound, stroking her thighs. I run my hands over her legs, and kiss her feet. I take the pre-cum fluid from my penis on my finger and touch it to her mouth letting her taste me. I move back up her body spending more time on her vagina and breasts, but not entering her body or spending too much time on her breasts. I kiss her neck and mouth passionately, pressing my stiff dick against her body. I release her feet from the silk ties, and hold her legs up. I Lick my own fluids from her thighs, her pussy lips, and stomach. I use my tongue to probe inside her, making her cum on my face. After my lover has orgasmed and her fluids run freely over thighs and my face I move up her body and kiss her passionately. I let her taste herself from my lips. I push my tongue deep in her mouth just as I had done to her vagina. My hands are caressing her body as I kiss her. I use my hand to fondle her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. I guide my hand to her stomach and rub her sides, then her pubic patch. I touch her outer thigh and then the front, moving in small motions. I slowly move closer to opening, but never touching it. She moans my name as I first gently rub her clitoris. I use my hands to smooth out her wet pussy lips, letting my middle finger graze the opening to her love. She is squirming against her bonds trying to get more inside her. I press one, then two inside her, using my thumb to rub her clit. She comes again raising her hips from the bed, thrusting them against my hand. I stop kissing her as she settles on the bed. I touch her face to wipe the sweat from her brow, and she seeks out my soiled hand, gently sucking each of the fingers that just brought her pleasure. My penis is about to burst. Pre-cum is leaking on her sweat covered body, mixing with her love juices.
I lift her legs apart and slid my vieny penis up and down her wet opening. Her lips wrap around my shaft, the heat is causing by body to tremble. I use my hand to guide the head over her clit, I use it to stimulate her. She keeps trying to get me inside her, moving her hips, grinding against me. I let the tip of my dick enter her, and slowly push into her. I only let the glands inside her, and I stop. I can feel her vagina constrict in orgasm. she wants more, trying to wiggle down the bed to have more inside her. I just move out of her reach, the soft silk holding her hands tight. She groans for more. I push the head of my dick slowly in and out of her. our juices are running freely from her exposed pussy. I lean my weight forward and push my whole length into her. I am deep inside her. I can see the bulge in her belly where my meat is. She squirms under me, but I have her ankles in my hands. All she can move is her ass. The squishing of our love juice is coupled with the sound echoing from the headphones. Her face is contorted with pleasure. I lean forward and kiss her softly on her lips, and gently very minutely move myself inside her. She moans and comes again. Her body is still contracting rhythmically as I withdraw my dick from her. I am nearly out of her when I slowly push back into her. Now I enter a rhythm. I withdraw and slowly enter her, pushing very hard at the end. I can't get far enough inside her. Her vagina now convulses constantly. She is calling my name, between her groans of ecstasy. I feel the surge from my loins. My passion is sweeping over me. The urge can't wait. I lean back and watch my dick move in and out of her body. The scent of out love making fills my nostrils. The sounds of the water bed, the slapping of our bodies, the music, and most of all her screams of pleasure caress my ears. I feel my seed rising up my shaft. The pleasure is unbearable. I pull my glistening rod from her wet opening. With a pump of my hand I spray her sweat covered body with my semen. Long streams fly through the air, to cover her breasts. The first lands on her cheek. My need abates, and my hand slows its pumping. Long rivers of cum run between her breasts. A puddle forms in her belly button. The sweat is dripping from my body mingling with the gobs of cum. She licks her lips, tasting her sweat. I lean forward and use my tongue to lick my semen from her cheek. The thick glob coats my tongue. I extend my tongue to her mouth. Her lips part and we share the taste of our love making.

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