A walk in the park  

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8/26/2005 10:18 am

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A walk in the park


we meet at the park just before dark like we had talked about. I find you by
the picnic table in the most isolated part of the park. even though we have
never met I know it is you. you are wearing the skirt you had told me
about. went I get close enough to make eye contact I am sure it is you. I
can see the fire in your eyes coupled with the desire to run away. you move
closer to me, close enough that I can feel the heat from your body. your
trembling. with out saying a word you grab my hand and place it on your ass,
and pull me closer until our bodies touch. It feels like electricity is
running over my body as we touch. I pull you tight against me as I move my
hand up your back. my fingers slide through your hair, letting me get a grip
to pull your wanting mouth closer to mine. our lips meet and your tongue
slides across my teeth. with your hair in my hand I pull your mouth
off mine. I can see the desire burning in your eyes, as I pull you head to
the side and kiss your neck. You groan and reach for my crotch feeling how
much I want you. I unzip my pants for you, and free my swollen member from
its confinement. Your hand feels cold against the hot flesh of my penis.
pre-cum runs down my shaft as you slowly stroke it. I move my hand under
your skirt and start grip you ass, I expect to feel your panties but find
none. I pull away from you looking into your blazing eyes, my eyes telling
you how much that turns me on. you just smile and lean back to set on the
edge of the table. You set your feet on the chair part of the table your
knees slightly apart. with a mischievous grin you slowly part your legs and
slide the edge of your skirt up your to show me your bareness. I just groan
and grab my cock, sliding my hand up and down its veiny length. your hand
slides over your mound and a finger presses into you softness. A small
trickle of your pent up desire traces down your seam. my hand is a blur as
you continue to rub yourself. I lean in for a closer look at this marvel
before me, when I feel a hand pressing on the back of my head. You guide my
wanting mouth toward your prize. My lips make contact with your smoldering
womanhood, the taste of delight races up my tongue. Soft whimpers escape you
as I drive my tongue deep inside you, my hand pulling your body into my
waiting mouth. your body tenses as you near your peak, you legs tense, and
your body starts to tremble. your hand is wrapped in my hair driving me into
your passion. with one last animal growl you thrust your pelvis up, driving
my sucking lips against your clit at you climax.
your body starts to relax and you ass settles down on the table a
look of total satisfaction on your face. you pull my up to kiss you juices
off my lips. my throbbing member pressing against your thigh. You gentle
push me away and kneel on the bench resting your elbows on the table in
front of you. you pull the back of your skirt up to give me access to your
dripping pussy. I rest a hand on your ass as I guide my swollen member into
you. I have to press into you because I am so excited. I am bigger that I
have ever been, and you can feel it fill you completely. I start to move in
and out of you, my hand tangled in your hair. My balls slap against your ass
as my lust forces me deeper into you. you push back against me holding me
deep inside you. We both groan as I fill you with my seed, you continue to
pump against me as you near your own climax. A stroke in and out of you,
until you cry with your desire. your body shakes as you cum again, as you
press back onto my cock.
we stand connected by my flesh for a few moments, and only when I slip from
inside you do we part. You turn and embrace me, giving me a parting kiss.
Our eyes meet and know that we are both satisfied and we will meet again.
With a parting peck on the lips you walk silently away never looking back. I
watch until the darkness swallows you, the only traces that you were even
there is the taste of your juices on my lips.

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