All I Want From a Man Is....  

downlikenunother 35F
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10/8/2005 2:47 am

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8/23/2006 1:38 pm

All I Want From a Man Is....

* respect me
* be down for me like I am for him
* roll wit me "til the wheels fall off"
* is down for some Bonnie and Clyde type shit, if neccasary
* looks out for me - and puts me 1st... cuz I'm doing the same damn thing for him
* understands my weaknesses... (communication - among many others)
* is secure within himself to know I am not going to cheat on him... but still gets a little jealous sometimes, so I know he cares.
* doesn't give up easily.
* understands that couples fight. Not every argument leads to a break up/ don't break up situation. In fact, it never does. Because nothing is important enough to continue fighting about. We're gonna be together in the end, regardless of what happens during that fight. Why drag it out?
* never personally attacks me. No name calling, no 'below the belt' comments, and no taking advantage of one another's weaknesses. Just because you know them doesn't mean you should use them against your partner.
* just have my fucking back! If I have to go into anymore detail, I'll have successfully given any psychopath exact intructions as to how to win me over completely. lol

pASSionwantd2 50M
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10/8/2005 9:08 am

''On a Mission,You would make the Team''

RickRichardts 57M
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10/9/2005 3:50 am

The fact that you have to even post this and ask for it is a sad testament to the state of relationships today. I know shit happens sometimes, but all the things you ask for are should be the norm. Unfortunately, too many people feel like there should be no rules in relationships... well guess what... there should be and everything you ask for above should simply be understood to be the minimum guideliness/rules that one follows without any questions ask. In fact they should be given, so you don't even ask. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised that a man treats a women with respect. What does that mean? Well for one, it means that it's a given I'm going to automatically give you all the things you ask for and then some. So with that being said... Got anything else you'd like? Cause I already got you on those things, without you even having to ask!

spinmedown 49M
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10/10/2005 11:29 am

When a psychopath sees someone talking about psychopaths its like a porch light for moths. They come a runnin'.
Project positive and receive positive.
Project negative and well you point issuing any challenges for the wackos. Is there?
Be sweet and good luck!

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

rm_TwiztedCharm 56M
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10/10/2005 1:10 pm

I'm with spinmedown. You should think about changing the way you talk. Speak like a gangster, attract a gangster, get beat by a gangster. Every young woman should be treated with respect and live in dignity.
Allot of young men have no respect for anyone or anything, it's just not considered cool. That's a shame. It's ultimately up to you.

uf_gator_13 37M
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10/10/2005 9:02 pm

I think it's good that you put your needs/wants down so that YOU will see them and remind YOU of your standards. Don't let yourself slip!

Kudos, and good luck in your search, sweety!

rm_DickRichey4 40M

10/12/2005 2:53 am

I let it all hang out, but your really turnin me on right now. Maybe im down with some Mickey and Malery shit cause thats how i roll, and I think your talkin my language. we need to correspond soon and hook up.... you know where to find me....

Mas8baller 40M
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10/27/2005 7:07 pm

I totally agree with what you're saying but you have to remember that a woman has to give a man a change to show and prove that he can do those things in the first place. In addition, no one's perfect. So in order to find a man, you have to risk running into boys. Then you have to keep giving people at least a chance or you never will find a guy who's truly down and willing to prove it. Things like that they'll walk beside you, not in front or behind. Be there and as supportive from beginning to end, even when they aren't getting it. That they want to be there because they care, and not just because of sex, your body, or other selfish reasons. That they'll still be there no matter what through good times and bad through happy and sad. That they're just as much willing to celebrate the good as wipe away the tears. That they'll support you even every way and help you as much as they can, while allowing you to be yourself and not try to change or possess you like property. Someone willing to trust you and let you have space even when they know or want to help you if that's what you feel is best. Women have to give a chance if they really want to find a true man because they’re rare. As for the psychopath there are people who say love is one step short of stalking the diffence being that someone in love still has permission to come around while a psychopath usually loses that right but chooses not to listen becoming the psychopath. There are others who would say psychopaths are those suggesting there's a connection from the start even though they just met or read a paragraph. Anyways good luck with your hunt hope you find someone who ever it is will be one lucky guy. Who hopefully will realise this and step up.

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