Sweet Sickness  

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3/16/2006 6:51 am

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Sweet Sickness

Sweet sickness
Not far from death
Alone with troubled heart
I divide my day

At first glance
A shadow crept over my heart
Whiteness drew upon my face
Becoming absent of life
In the presence of such fortune

This mortal feat
Where the gods themselves
Flounder from perseverance
Denial and earthly craving

New love, take my hand
Take me to your summit
Let me, and me alone
Ease your troubled soul
For this instantaneous night
Has drawn upon me

Twighlight evening
Now the sun has crossed the sky
With its tail between its legs
Afraid of the night
And the furry
Of unrequited love

A ritual dance
Between the want and desire
The passion catapult
New mystery and love
Shakes the foundation of
Self preservation
The brutality of loneliness
No equal but equal

I am powerless to stop
The rage and rapture
Do with me what you will
I am yours

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I love it

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