What a Bummer!  

doubletrouble_hk 38F/43F
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5/31/2006 4:32 am

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6/1/2006 7:18 am

What a Bummer!

Its so funny to meet the people around the world from AdultFriendFinder.

One of the loser from Switzerland he was in Hong Kong before, actually he supposed to be my birthday gift, unfortunately I had a serious food poison of my birthday and cancelled the party which organized by all of my best friends.

Today I got his email and he said I was pretended cos I saw him out with the other girl, mean like I am jealous bla bla bla, also said a lot of bad words to me.

Mr Loser, if you had a birthday like this, counted down in the bathroom and just vomit, what do you think and feel? I am not interested to kick your ass also, please stay away of me! Even I suck an old balls better than your shitty big belly, yuck!


PS - What a low animal! still replied and attack me! Guys you better dont say have a food poison after party, because no one trust you and not allowed! LOL

STCMOguy4fun 37M

5/31/2006 5:18 am

That Sux.

I am sorry your b-day was no were in the ball park of good. I hope you had a happy few days after. By the way sorry people have a habbit of being idiots sometimes. That was just one of them. If you ever want to talk. Drop me a line on my blog. Take care & Happy Belated Birthday.

rm_teacherant 42M
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6/1/2006 2:25 am

Sorry Lin! and a very Happy late Birthday.

Hope you went out and got EXACTLY the present you deserved after such a tough sick weekend.


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