The Bra Magic  

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7/23/2006 11:13 am

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The Bra Magic

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Hong Kong girls are obsessed with crystals especially when they can't offord diamonds. Ling came across a funny blog entry on her favourite astrology website. The astrologist was teaching the girls how to cast a love spell:

"You get a rose quartz (stone of Venus) and you whack it in the middle of your bra. One day I would like to make Chakra Bras with rose quartzs already sewn in. And maybe Artemis sports bras with another kind of crystal. This places it over your heart chakra. And you apparently should not wear black bras when you want to attract a man because it darkens your heart chakra. Red or - better - pink is perfect. I was told all this years ago by a bona fide witch. Then of course there is the dreadfully potent Feng Shui Peachblossom Cure, of which more another day. But the rose quartz definitely works to flush out admirers. Accentuate via rose oil - the Jurlique blend is, I think, the most potent and for real."

See why Ling has not been lucky in love but Lin has? Ling has got to start wearing a bra tomorrow - pink one too! LOL

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