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8/2/2006 11:17 am

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Ling Out Of Focus

Mood: Out Of Focus

Does anyone remember one of Woody Allen's lesser known flicks called Deconstructing Harry? In the movie, Harry the writer is having a mid-life crisis and suffering from the writer's block. His life is a big mess (as in every protagonist of Woody Allen's autobiographical tour de farce). Harry's character (get the pun?), played by Robin Williams, has become a big blur. Approaching her 28th birthday (the late twenties grand depression phase) and above all suffering from the writer's block as well, Ling also feels a bit out of focus at the moment.

Ling finally met up with Mr. SLIC on Saturday night - YAY! They did not have sex though because timing was again not right. Their hearts did not synchronise so to speak - yeah Ling is so full of shit these days LOL.

The thing is Ling gets really turned on watching the guy she likes having a harmless rant about life and Mr. SLIC just couldn't be sexier! He is so hot her nose will turn sour whenever she looks at him in his eyes. Anyway, she will get over her silly crush soon - she must have like a thousand of them each year!

It must have been the New Moon entering the sign of Leo, hence, the inclination to feel a bit low, while Saturn, the heavy, gloomy planet is making Ling feel the need to work very hard or be disciplined, but Leos really resent that (A New Beginning).

P.S. Ling was so happy to see Mr. SLIC again that she had almost forgotten the scary moment when a French hottie (well he thinks he is hot) gave her a bite and a lick on her ear after a friendly goodbye kiss! YUCK!

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8/2/2006 12:30 pm

Wondering - was this your favorite movie - why think about it?

Until later

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