It's RED  

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7/15/2006 2:31 pm

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It's RED

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The typhoon has just missed Hong Kong, which means it is pouring right now and the RED rainstorm warning is hoisted. Ling and Lin were supposed to go out and meet TWO hot and hard Canadian boys, but had to cancel because Lin was not feeling well. Poor Lin has got a cold and she just wants to be tucked in her bed.

One of the boys asked if Ling wanted to have one-on-one sex. Ling was of course tempted. He is very good-looking; 6 foot tall, cute dirty blonde curls (much nicer than Hugh Grant's!), soft lips (speaking from observation rather than experience unfortunately), broad shoulders, toned body, mesmerising performance on webcam, and last but not least, a deep, sexy voice. He was very polite on the phone, made Ling laugh and horny like hell. Ling would love to have him for some fast love but she understands that's not what she is looking for. She declined the offer politely and spent the rest of the rainy Saturday evening watching crappy movies on HBO, while wondering if she would be better off riding that hot and hard Canadian boy.

He contacted doubletrouble_hk a few months back, but the three never got around to meet because he thought they were fake and they thought he was fake. He also tried to set up a meeting during the bad time of the month. Then there was once he did not call back as promised and so Lin took him out of the shag list. Luckily, he found Ling in the chatroom a few days ago and they cleared the misunderstanding. But now maybe he has deleted all of doubletrouble's e-mails lol.

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