Does Anyone Know Who Shayne Ward Is?  

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8/13/2006 11:04 am

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Does Anyone Know Who Shayne Ward Is?

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OK this is going to sound really juvenile but Ling promises she will blog about literature next week as the Man Booker Prize is coming up and she needs to do a big feature on that LOL.

Ling has had a major crush on Shayne Ward (the 22-year-old X Factor winner, yet another reality show/singing contest from little Britain) ever since she had a round-table interview with him last week. Ling was very skeptical about him before she met him, thinking he must be a tres dull manufactured pop-star. Well he is very manufactured and most of his answers to the questions were predictable, but Ling just adores the way he says "but" Manchester-ly and he does have a very cute "butt".

Anyway ...

Ling came across a funny cock photo from "Who's viewing me" so she e-mailed him to say hello. They quickly exchanged face photos and Ling's jaws dropped - he looks exactly like Shayne Ward and he is a six-foot-two Shayne Ward! What beautiful eyes and what sexy lips!

Mr. Ward was very honest with Ling and told her straight off that he was "encumbered". Ling turned him down politely and was ready to log off the online chat and took him out of doubletrouble_hk's shag list. Both feeling slightly frustrated, they ended up exchanging numbers and having a good laugh on the phone. He had a rant about his life, while she had a rant about the hot and hard British boys she couldn't have. Before the conversation ended, Mr. Ward asked her out for a coffee again and said maybe she wouldn't find him that cute in real. Ling said no because there was no way she could keep her hands off Mr. Ward's seven incher!


secondtimeluck00 46F

8/13/2006 2:57 pm

I know who Shayne Ward is, but strangely I have always found him almost like an identical twin to Mark Feehilly from Westlife. Not my type. I prefer the posh BBC sort of English accent to the Georgdie version.

secondtimeluck00 46F

8/13/2006 4:29 pm

I was a Westlife fan a while back, so of course, I can tell who is who in the group. I am into boybands. I even have an autographed CD by Boyzone with my name handwritten by the boys. Got it when the editor of the magazine I worked for interviewed the boys.

Yep, trying to stay low profile, so deleted all the blogs. Preparing to have my id removed here when my membership expires end of september.

secondtimeluck00 46F

8/17/2006 11:22 am

I said I will give it up when my membership expires which is end of september. That has NOT changed.

And it is not a bra, it is a vest top.

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