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6/20/2006 8:07 am

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The first time me and my girlfriend had sex after she had fucked someone else i didn't discover the truth until the morning after, this is what happened. We had had a big argument and she had stormed out upset, we spoke a couple of times on the phone and she told me she was with an old boyfriend. Later that night she phoned to tell me she was on her way back home, i was in bed waiting for her but fell asleep before she got back. I woke to her getting into bed caressing my balls and cock, when i was erect she climbed on top of me and slid my cock up her wet pussy. She was very wet but at the time but i thought nothing of it, just thought she was very turned on and i was soon moaning loudly as she rode me harder and harder. I pushed my hips up as she ground her pussy down onto my cock she moaned it felt so good and she came in an intense orgasm. As she finished cumming i came too shooting jets of spunk up her pulsating pussy.
In the morning after we woke up i mentioned how good the sex was last night, she seemed annoyed when i mentioned this and changed the subject quite quickly which i felt was strange. Later that morning i asked her again what was wrong she said she had to tell me something but only if i promised not to be angry! I knew i wasn’t going to like what she was about to say but reluctantly I agreed.
You have all probably guessed what she said, that on the way back she’d had sex with her ex boyfriend then come in and fucked me. I was really angry at first and had trouble holding my temper, she said she was sorry, that it wouldn't happen again. I asked her why she’d come in and fucked me after and she said she just found it so horny fucking me with another mans spunk still up her.
At this point i had started to get aroused i said to her that i needed to know exactly what happened so she told me
[on the way back they had stopped and got out for a cigarette, she had started to cry about how upset she was and he had hugged her. After a while he started to kiss her and she had felt his hard cock pressing against her. She began rubbing it through his trousers, he then asked her to get in the back of his car so she opened the door and got in. He then undid his trousers and climbed in the back along side her, she pulled his cock free from his boxer shorts and began to suck it. She told me she couldn't help herself (and she always has loved to suck cock!!!)
He then took his trousers completely off and helped her off with hers, his hand had dropped quickly to her cunt and he had begun to rub it but she was already soaking wet.
He then climbed on top pushing his cock slowly into her soaking pussy and started to fuck her faster and faster, all the time she was moaning beneath him as he slammed his cock in and out of her. Shortly after he began to spunk up her as she came too, clamping her cunt round his pounding cock.
By this time i was rock hard but still really angry. I knew i was definitely going to have to fuck her nice and hard just to satisfy my throbbing cock. I kissed her hard on the mouth then pushed her to the floor i ripped off her trousers then rammed my rock hard cock straight up her cunt (which was dripping wet and definitely ready) I rode her hard telling her what a slut and what a whore she was and how i had to punish her by fucking her.
I pulled my cock out of her cunt and flipped her over on to her stomach. She asked what was i doing and i told her i was going to fuck her arse. I then shoved my cock straight up her arse right up to the hilt and started to fuck her demanding she tell me what she was (that she was a slut, a whore and a very bad girl)
I asked her what bad girls get for fucking other men and she told me they get fucked up the arse. This was the right answer so i fucked her harder and harder as she told me over and over she was a slut. After a severe arse pounding I came really hard, shooting spunk up her hole and as i did she started to come with me. Shortly after we both collapsed onto the floor.

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wow that is one hot tell im so horny after that hope you post more blogs like that nick.

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