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6/24/2006 1:32 pm

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After my boyfriend had got so turned on and fucked me so hard after i had fucked someone else, i started to think it would be good to try it again. i loved the feeling of fucking him just after having another mans cock up me, it just made me feel so bad and so horny. it made me wet just thinking of getting fucked in the back of a car while my boyfriend waited for me at home, then coming in and climbing onto his cock and fucking him till i came.
i never guessed that my boyfriend would get so turned on by it! Him fucking my pussy then arse, while telling me how bad i was was not what i expected for being unfaithful, i certainly couldn’t have thought of a better way to be punished!!!
i asked him why he’d got so turned on by it, he said he’d been really angry but the thought of me sucking then getting fucked be someone else's cock had just made him so horny that he’d had to fuck me. He just hadn’t been able to stay angry, the only thing in his mind was to fuck me as hard and fast as he could.
I decided to ask him how he felt about us doing it again. We had fucked after talking about it a few times since that day, whenever we talked about it he became so aroused, He loved telling me how bad i was whilst ramming his cock up me,
My favourite time was when he put me over his knee spanking and fisting my pussy, he made me tell him everything i had done that night until i came, then he laid me on the floor and fucked my arse frantically, telling me how bad i was. This was when i knew that i loved being a bad girl and that my boyfriend loved it just as much.
A few days later whilst watching a porn film, there was a scene where a husband sees his wife being fucked by their neighbour in the garden, This seemed the perfect opportunity to broach the subject of me fucking another man again. “would you like it if that big cock was fucking my pussy” i asked he looked at me and said “would you like to fuck someone else again, “if you wanted me to” i replied.
He was quite for a minute but then said “it was horny when you did it before wasn't it, we could i suppose but only if we planned it together this time”
He kissed my neck as i told him i thought he liked me to be a bad girl. He pulled up my skirt and ripped off my wet knickers, “you like me to be a bad girl don't you” i said as he started to lick my cunt. I stroked his head and told him i was going to fuck another man and then fuck him, he licked and sucked my pussy as i told him what i wanted to do. I told him he was a bad boy for wanting me to fuck other men. “ you liked it that i got fucked didn't you” he circled my clit with his tongue and gently fingered my cunt. “Tell me you’re glad i fucked someone else, tell me you want me to fuck other men” i demanded
“i want you to fuck other men” he whispered “i liked it you fucked someone else” so i pushed his head down onto my pussy and ground it into his face, covering him in my juice. i had a fantastic orgasm i cumming all over his face.
When i had finished cumming he stood up dropped his trousers, revealing his erect cock, without bothering to take them off he got on top of me pulled my legs up and started to ram his cock hard into me. His cock felt so good (it always does after i’ve cum) he rammed me hard and fast, my pussy clamping hard around his cock! He never lasts long after licking me and having me cum all over his face, but it was so urgent, so passionate, it didn't matter. As he started to grunt he spurted spunk up me making me cum all over again.

Looked like i was definitely going to have another mans big cock fuck my pussy and this time with my boyfriends blessing. It had become clear that very good things come from being a very bad girl !!

chaos0068 49M
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6/24/2006 2:37 pm

Take two........................I'm Ready......

rm_nick1361 34M
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6/26/2006 8:08 am

wow cant wait to here more from you god im turned on now ;.)

jakey4fun2 38M
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6/28/2006 12:37 pm

doubleparking....I think you're ready for a double ramming!
Loved the blogs...nearly as much as checking out your sweet pussy

rm_fun_n_fit101 38M

7/14/2006 12:12 pm


We met last week in Farnham. nice to meet you and it was a nice meet but we didnt talk about what we need to talk about.

After reading you blog which i didn't see before our meet it is clear what is needed. I want your blessing for her to suck my large cock and then for me to slip it in her pussy and fuck her long and hard untill she cums.Then i turn her over to you for her punishment.

txt me I

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