The Mind Unlocks the Imagination.  

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3/8/2006 5:15 pm

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The Mind Unlocks the Imagination.

Crumbs, nobody is visiting my blogger website, apart from 3 or 4. Gawd, disappointing. I'm wondering how I can increase traffic to this blog. Hmm, maybe, direct links. Usually, when I chat to friends,

Why do I keep sex blogs. I guess I have answered this question a few times already but I see no harm in answering it again and again. Maybe, in the process, the introspective process, I was learn more and more about myself.

Well, to my mind, without a shadow of doubt, it is an act of desperation.

Yeah, I have been speaking of sexual fantasies I have had. I'm sure there are more brewing in my head. But, also, I guess it forces me to think about the practical mechanics of sex. I've surrounded my idea of sex with a sumptous haze of romance, sexual fantasies around being dominated, cosseted, and spanked by a gorgeous voluptuous dominatrix and so on. But, really, actual sex is a rather unglamourous affair. It seems to me (speaking from a virgin's standpoint), sex is about playing with one's cock (for the guy) in the run up to actual copulation inside or outside the woman's vagina area or another one of her orifices or not.

I sinerely doubt that when it comes to it, even the most gorgeous woman can cause me to copulate just at the magnificent sight of her without use of one's hands. Though, I suppose the mind does unlock the imagination. And, for me, as a sexually repressed virgin, yeah, I do need, ever so badly to unlock my imagination.

I've already written before about the lack of practice I had as an adolescent in "chatting up" girls. I stayed at home and played with myself in my bedroom. As well as being bitter and angry. This actual, practical practice of chatting up girls is vitally important. You like someone, you want to act upon it after all.

Yeah, can you see my problem now? I see a girl. I like her but I can't act on it. I'm painfully shy. Maybe, I am loosening up. For example, tonight, I met a gorgeous young woman in the cinema who I hadn't seen in over a year. I was delighted to see her. What did I do? Well, first of all, guess what, I ignored her and continued to walk down the queue. Then, I reconsidered. I thought, hey, I like this girl. Actually, a few weeks ago, I was thinking that, if I saw her again, I would give her my blog card for my msn spaces non-sexually oriented content. Well, anyway, I went over to her and said hello but I didn't go as far as giving her my blog card. Who know, maybe, the next time, I see her, she will walk up to me and then, I will feel up to giving her my card. I'm sooo painfully shy. In any case, just shaking her hand, smiling my imperfect teeth at her, calling her by her name (I hadn't forgotten you know) and then, important this, walking on, because I don't want to give her the impression I'm coming on too strong on her.

You probably think this is a little bit pathetic but, actually, I'm telling you the truth here as best I can.

Hmm, now what will I write about....... Another sexual fantasy......

Oh, the other day, I successfully downloaded two films from the Japanese series, Zerowoman, the very first one, called "Red Handcuffs" and the first one in the nineties called "Final Mission". They're both good but I have to say I prefer "Red Handcuffs" so far. Despite the fact, that they were speaking japanese and I couldn't find any subtitles anywhere I could download from the internet. I was compelling and sometimes arousing viewing. I watched the film from start to finish. Often, I don't have the discipline to do this. At the very end, Zero -woman, Rei, fights back against her male capture, to music, using her black power boots, overpowers the man with the help of her famed Red Handcuffs which she can use with perfect efficiency.

Then, in "Final Mission", I watched the first 30 minutes last night, Zero woman has a marathon sex tryst with this lucky guy of her attentions which lasts and lasts and lasts. She's a ravenous sex machine. I like the zero woman series. Another thing, that struck me about it, was the lack of emotion expression on zero woman's face even in scenes where she is being and beaten. In "Red Handcuffs" especially she is beaten physically a lot, mostly by men. Japanese films seem to have a lack of convention and mores which constrains American films, by way of comparison.

I suppose Japanese society in the last quarter of the 20th century was still a very conservative country and society but in more culturally sophisticated parts like Osaka and Tokyo people were struggling to break free from the old social mores. Gender inversion was one way of breaking free from the cultural straight-jacket. Coming from a very conservative background in rural Ireland, therefore, I can relate to these films.

There's a great scene at the end of "Zero woman - final mission" where the bad guy and rei - Zerowoman fire guns at each other. The bullets hit their targets. The bad guy falls to the ground, bleeding badly and starts to slowly die whilst, Zerowoman, knocked temporarily unconscious, revives herself and gets slowly to her feet again. The bullet has hit a cigarette case she kept inside her blouse in her chest area. The man, who initially was on his feet, falls to her knees, losing blood rapidly, and zerowoman, initially on the ground, gets up on her feet and slowly drags herself over to the bad guy, aims her pistol at the bad guy, says some words and then shoots without crying, killing the man instantly.

For me, this is an inversion of the traditional concept of the woman as a nurturing, warm figure. Here, zerowoman is completely cold and culculating and ruthless.

There was another great sexy scene at the end of "Zero-woman, red-handcuffs" where zerowoman, after dispatching the bad man with her famous red handcuffs goes back to take care of the kidnapped woman that the bad man (now dead) had kidnapped. The woman had been drugged heavily and was in danger of dying unless Zero woman or anyone helped her. Zero woman pulled the woman to her feet and started to slap her on the face repeatedly and rather ruthlessly.. Then, she dunks her in a water trough to revive her from the drugs. The slapping was supposed to help her too. The woman, a sweet woman, comes around and starts to cry. Then, zero woman takes her in her arms and shows her compassion side. Rocking her gently from side to side in her arm embrace. Great scene. The next scene, Zero woman alternates to her cruel nasty and vindictive side when she kills a corrupt cop who had just tried unsuccessfully to kill her while her back was turned. He dies a horrible, disgusting death at the receiving end of Zero woman's red handcuffs which she can use with perfect efficiency.

I can just imagine myself in the role of this pretty, sweet woman who is revived by Zero woman. I would have love to have been there. and for Zero woman to place her arms around me and rock me from side to side. Heck, I'm only a man but, surely, I too am deserving of love? Let Zero woman be the judge of that.

Paul Carr

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