Sexual Fantasies - update on my post of February 26th.  

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Sexual Fantasies - update on my post of February 26th.

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I wanted to make a few extra comments to my remarks of February 26th. First of all, I wanted to add that my parents belong emphatically to a different generation to me. Especially, my dad. Who was 40 when I was born.

So, anyway, anything else. Ah yes, sex. Right!!

When my mind is idle. I think idle thoughts. I ought not to be ashamed of these thoughts. They are an intregral part of me.

Sexual fantasies come into play. I've written of one already recently. Oh, yeah, I remember something I wanted to write about. It's been 3 days since my last post to blogger and my other blogs. Sorry about that. Lazy. I'll try for every 2 days instead.

In any case, I must confess to only having 3 or 4 orgasms in February. That's it.

The last one was about 3 or 4 days ago. It was a strange one. But, then again, sexual fantasies which accompany ejaculation are always going to be strange. I was thinking about it afterwards.

At the time, it seems that I was being carried by this gorgeous woman, a gorgeous naked woman to whom I was attached by a belt, a thick belt. She was flying through the air. Her arms spread out like a bird. She was flying. I was being carried. Pretty orgasmic.

After I had awoken, I thought to myself, hmm, maybe, it wasn't as it appeared. Maybe, rather, it was me who was flying and I was carrying her with the belt. Anyway, these dominant/submissive roles (whilst very sexually exciting to me (I feel sure to most people)) can be confusing to me sometimes.

Another sexual fantasy I have is of "Miss McGonagle". I make up this name. Let me first explain the background to this sexual fantasy. I used to work in a law office as a security guard about 6 years ago. One day, I was on duty and this older woman comes in. She's wearing these high high heels, black high heel boots. I mean they're high. Very tight. Very nice. Black skirt and so on. She's about 50. I don't know her.

But, afterwards, my imagination went into overdrive. I was thinking of a scenario where she is going up to the law office of a young hot-shot lawyer. He's protecting her brother, a criminal overlord in the underworld. And, well, Miss McGonagle, is there to check on this hot shot lawyer to make sure he is behaving himself and that he would be presenting a good case for her brother the following day so that he is acquitted of all the charges presented to him by the court relating to murder, tax embezzlement and so forth.

Miss McGonagle has high black heel boots, tight grey trousers, thick black belt,
and a tight floral blouse. She wears this black trenchcoat to thoroughly cover her whilst she makes her way up to the young hotshot lawyer. We'll call him Brendan.

Anyways, she knocks at the door. She enters. Then, she takes off her overcoat. Saying something like "It's cold in here" et cetera. She has huge boobs. Huge!! Great round bulbous things constrained by the floral top with the frilly cuffs. She's got lots of make-up on. Her lips are crimson red.

"I'm checking on my brother's case".. Oh, Brendan says. Brendan is uncomfortable. He's a wiz kid to be sure but not deep on life experience. Only 27. Social skills and grace are not his forte. LOL.

He's awkward, preferring to relate to anyone in terms of his job or their job. He wants to be businesslike and formal.

Mrs McGonagle is a well-built lady. Shapely yes. Wide hips.

She takes a seat at the desk beside Brendan. She trusts her breasts out. Her sitting posture is upright. "I want to make sure you're doing a proper job". "My brother is innocent". "Yes, Mrs McGonagle", Brendan replies, "Everything is in hand!".

Well, poor Brendan has to be a little distracted at this stage, to say the least, at her magnificent shapely curves. Miss McGonagle gets up and purveys the room. "You have a very nice office", she says. She proceeds to the coat hanger and puts her coat on again as if getting ready to depart.

"Ah, please Miss McGonagle, everything is in hand. Would you care for a drink and I can discuss the details of the case further with you."

At this point, with her back turned to Brendan, she takes off her coat again, replaces it on the coat hanger and then spins around with hands authoritatively placed on her hips and says, "I am beautiful.". "Oh, yes, Miss McGonagle you are beautiful", Brendan mutters stutteringly. "I know", she says. "Your heart is beating very fast and your cock is becoming stiff". "Brendan, I can read minds. I have this power. Because I am a woman and you are only a man. I can read your mind, Brendan". "Every little thoughts in your brain I can read".

Well, indeed, Miss McGonagle was reading Brendan's mind perfectly and the rest of him too. ", yess" he stuttered and gulped. Miss McGonagle took a superheroine pose, her legs slightly apart, her hands on her hips.

She then spreadeagled herself very quickly and then righted herself which made pretty damn sure that Brendan cock's was standing stiffly and achingly to attention.

"Come here, Brendan", she said softly. He did as he was told. She took him in her arms and kissed him delicately on the lips. She then undid her thick leather black belt at the front, extended it and then tightened it around Brendan's torso too. "What does it feel like to have a woman's body so close to yours". Their crotches were rubbing. A moment's delicious silence. Brendan breathed contentedly. "You're my big baby!!", she continued. "I'm going to mama you, I'm going to mother you." she coed. "But, first I'm going to carry you because I am so so strong!", she said. She spread her legs and lefted him. Keeping their crotches in close contact, she bent her knees and straightened up again. "Aren't I strong, you big baby. I am strong" she said. "Show me you are happy!!". "Show me now, baby, Show mama". She let out some groans to reflect the strain of lifting Brendan.

Brendan was well past the point of no return at this stage and he came to orgasm in his pants. Miss McGonagle kept Brendan's face close to her cheek. "That's okay... I'll look after you. Good boy!". Brendan was panting. She then carried Brendan back to his desk and sat astride him on his chair. He enjoyed the warmth of her body. She placed his hands on her breasts to massage them...

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